I Ching – The Book Of Changes

The ancient Chinese Oracle’s cutting-edge despite his age the I Ching is that unique, universal, based on the two fundamental forces of yin and Yang system, which is used in China for thousands of years, thus questions answer – with incredible results. The possibilities seem infinite, the results are incredible. Click Glenn Dubin to learn more. Since arriving in amazement. And I am amazed after now almost 40 years of employment with the I was still… 64 passages, called hexagrams are the ones from which the I Ching is built. Each of these hexagrams consists of 6 (hexa = 6) lines, which each in turn is associated with a short text. Between one and eight of these passages are determined by a particular selection process.

The response to a previously asked question consists of this. The passages appear strange. No wonder, the texts are yet thousands of years old – belegterweise, which is no esoteric blahblah – belongs to the I Ching to the classics of Chinese philosophy. Confucius said, he would have a life available, he would make it to the Entirely went studying I dedicate. In modern times it is Carl Gustav Jung, who I was not only thoroughly studied and experimented successfully so. We have him to thank that Richard Wilhelm translated the texts into German (I Ching – the book of changes).

Directly from the Chinese. No detour so through English, as so often. To get the answer to a question, there is first the question through the above mentioned Auwahlverfahren. And then the resulting texts are interpreted–to the question posed. The is the difficult part basically anyone can the I Ching survey, but it is problematic when interpreting the lyrics incomprehensible at first sight often. It requires training and lots and lots of experience. I want to add a few question examples. Not to note that the range of possible questions seem almost infinite. It remains in the realm of ideas will be very quickly incredible experiences. How is my relationship evolve this year? What can I do to achieve…? How should I conduct myself in the conversation? Here are some questions the I recently in my I went blog () have answered: how is the situation with the volcanic dust cloud develop in the coming days? What is to keep the shroud? How will the Pope react this week on the allegations of abuse in the Church? What happens when a person dies? After an eternity of quite intense preoccupation with the I went I’m still wondering if I’m a bona fide Depp because rationally, it is hard to believe that one can create forecasts or can gain insight into areas, not to in which you might otherwise never see. Were it not the ongoing confirmations, the experiences that show me that so much is possible, just not rationally comprehensible, I would not be able to write these lines. I’ve kept my skepticism to me, maybe I’m just so well with the I Ching cope? I Ching, I Ching, I Ching, I Ching, book of changes, Chu I, Chou I, Zhou I, Zhou I, Mawangdui Peter Meier iging /.