Important Indicator

Growth rates (hereinafter referred to as ER) business (country) shows how much has changed the level and scale of the enterprise economy (ies) per unit time compared to the same period last year. Most often, a unit of time is 1 month, quarter, half, and then the whole year. Components of the er (business): Consumer spending Investments Net exports (if applicable) Other companies, but in general the er to considered for the state and a given region, to understand how business will continue to evolve and in what conditions. In periods of decline of er buyers are starting to spend less on goods and services, manufacturers and companies services cut production and spending on advertising and staff. If in any month you will notice slowdown, which is expressed in the company’s turnover and net profit, you should analyze the situation in the region and the country as a whole, subsequently impact positively on your business. In the case of the high economic growth when there is a sharp jump, you need to be reconstructed.

Need to quickly adapt to the market, but do not overdo it, because it all did not last long. And still very important to understand one thing that jumps are associated with the seasonality of the business, I do not mean the sale of non-food items, winter coat, and shorts in the summer, I mean other businesses. Yes, the same trade in food products such as food. I notice that the winter I eat a lot longer, and closer to the summer people can refrain from eating, in cases where a person simply does not want to eat, because he begins to drink much more fluid, and other people want more to look after themselves to the summer season the Sea look good. Think about everything, analyze the er, and your business will feel better.