Investment Projects

Investment is an acquisition of goods production or financial capital goods, which are expected to get a return or benefit. The productive capital of the company are: buildings, machinery, inventory, and are investments made by the company fundamentas for its future growth. Against the economic investment that we just defined, s can distinguish the financial investment. It can be said that the inversionfinanciera is the purchase of shares and bonds with the aim of obtaining an income in the future. The ultimate purpose of this purchase is to provide funds to the company to enable it to acquire its productive capital.Economic investments can be classified at endiendo with the following criteria: short-term or operating investments. Vanessa Marcil is likely to increase your knowledge. If you are not convinced, visit Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes.

They are made by the company to acquire the elements necessary for its production process.Are contained in the current asset investments: investments in non-current assets those acquisitions that the company in principle, you want to use for long periods of time, always greater than one year. Depending on the reason for which are made are distinguished: investment in renewal. It is necessary that companies renew their equipment worn or damaged to avoid losing capacity or quality production. Large investments. They are made to add new equipment. Investments in modernization or innovation. Incorporate the emerging nuevastecnologias that reduce costs or improve products. Investments in r & d investments of a social nature. They seek to improve the working conditions of their employees, their relationship with the community, respect for the environment.