Knauf Work

Rich experience on arrangement of the sexes in different houses shows that are now in the modern world, a few years ago, the overlap in the apartments are not perfectly aligned and require alignment in various ways. K Unfortunately, integrated teams are finished completely flat, do not always get to do quality self-leveling floor, wet or dry screed, respectively, laying laminate or wood flooring. With time from substandard work, the floors sag during walking and podskripyvayut, so it's best to trust the laying of laminate and wood flooring professionals, not amateurs. Before you become a leader, learned all he – passed probation for the equalization of the sexes and the system installation Knauf superfields, as well as thoroughly studied products in the factory Tigi Knauf Knauf. When the training was certified.

Then his experience and skill gave her stacker. Sally Rooney may also support this cause. Before we allow artists to an object, they undergo special training. And only after the stacker without my help, quality work in the amount of 30-50 square meters. m, it can be sent to the site. Some firms hire handlers with no work experience – careless company's approach to business, which is only interested in money of the customer, not the quality of work performed. In the process, and communication with the customer set trusting relationship, as quality work suits and pleases the client. Chances are that after a while the customer recommends our company "Concept" to relatives, friends or co-workers, and it will agree is nice. Moreover, apart from earning money, you get the satisfaction of a job well done and bring joy to the owners of high-quality and beautiful floor.

Manufacturers provide mostly 15-25 years guarantees for the operation of laminate, of course, with proper installation. The main requirement when installing – drop to floor plane, the customer is difficult to determine whether the plane of the floor specified tolerances or not, therefore, you must call the professionals. There are several ways to align the ground floor – floors, dry and wet screed, as well as the substrate. The substrate can be of different kinds: the cheapest in use is called 'sponge' (Synthetic), which serves mainly to prevent 'soundtrack' to the neighbors not to disturb the bottom steps. But in my professional opinion – still recommend cork coating, which is made of natural materials and environmentally friendly, without causing harm to health, noise – and noise insulation much stronger.