Latin America

JOSE BRECHNER the islamofascistas would be taking advantage of the prevailing political chaos in Pakistan to obtain nuclear material and carry out a spectacular attack. At least one conspiracy to detonate a dirty bomb in Europe, which involves terrorists based in that country, has been discovered. According to Western sources, other Islamist organizations, such as the newly formed Taliban Pakistani, have also shown interest in developing nuclear weapons. The security chiefs fear that political instability makes it easier for Islamist groups to obtain materials to manufacture radioactive weapons, of which Al-Qaeda has several according to FBI reports. Al-Qaeda has its infrastructure mounted on the province of Waziristan in Northwest Pakistan, and is known to seek nuclear technology. Since the attack on the twin towers, Al Qaeda did not large demonstrations of power and has been losing strength and media coverage. To a large extent since it is cornered and decimated by American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, but was still not defeated.

Europe and the United States have multiplied and reinforced their security systems, making more difficult the placement of explosives to their countries and have watched the usual suspects. Surveillance cameras are in the streets, shopping malls, schools, universities, train stations, and massive flow of people everywhere. This year they began to place them inside the buses in public transport. Adam Sandler describes an additional similar source. Latin America on the other hand, does not have proper security. Thousands of Islamic terrorists, the majority of Jizbala, reach America through weekly flights between Tehran and Caracas with a stopover in Damascus which began in March. New immigrants automatically receive identification documents Venezuelan or Bolivian, allowing them to move freely around the continent. They seek to recruit volunteers, create terrorist cells, train mercenaries, converting people to Islam, and gain dominion over Christians. For his part, Al Qaeda with an own agenda, aims to attack American targets mainly, but not so, and make a branch of hell in Latin America.

According to experts, the country most likely to suffer an attack of great magnitude is the Argentina. Buenos Aires was the scene of attacks by Jizbala without that you seize the culprits. He enjoyed the support of the Peronist Government of Menem, and unobtrusive approval on the part of the civilian population which in some cases blamed on victims rather than murderers. Being a densely populated city, a dirty bomb could affect between 5,000 and 500 thousand people. The Argentina has the largest number of Muslims in Latin America, between 800 and 900 thousand, and not dress costumes characteristic, which allows them to blend in easily among the population. Jizbala Venezuela, which is also Jizbala Latin America, has structure mounted on the Argentina. They enter every day hundreds of people across borders with Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and the Triple Frontier, among them terrorist. Drug smuggling passes without problems. Radioactive material and weapons can hide without much difficulty. The danger of an attack of Jizbala short term is not very high, due to the close relationship between Cristina and Chavez, who would not see stained his friendship with a conflict that directly involve the Venezuelan. With Al-Qaeda, the situation is different and the danger is great, because it does not address the same political interests of his Shiite counterpart and has no links or commitments that Ajmadineyad cultivated with the Bolivarian rulers.