Light Sources, Categories And Features

The bulbs be fluorescent, Kompaktsparlampen, wall lamps, halogen lamps, halogen metal vapour lamps, floor lights defined as electrical equipment which are used to produce light, what you need of course electric current. Their characteristics are this power consumption and efficiency. “The modern bulbs are particularly economical and therefore also highly efficient, shines, however,” the traditional light bulb with the highest power consumption at the same brightness: for example, a 15-Watt energy-saving lamp provides the brightness of a 75 watt incandescent bulb. Today distinguishes among different categories of lighting resources: fluorescent lamps or fluorescent lamps are very popular due to their economy. Colloquially known as neon lights, they are available in lengths from 40 to 200 cm and are used both in private and in offices like.

Kompaktsparlampen be applied especially on outside walls as wall lamps. Thanks to cast housings and Plastic covers are very decorative. If you are not convinced, visit Related Group. Although they are expensive, yet very efficient due to minimal power consumption by the relatively high cost. Halogen bulbs are especially economical in power consumption, good value for money in the acquisition, as an alternative to the incandescent bulbs in households and offices can be used. They are available in wattage between 5 and 100 and life up to 5000 hours. Halogen PAR (PAR for parabolic) are equipped with a parabolic reflector, the light is bundled. With a life span of approximately 2000 hours and E27 or E14 base they are alternatives-saving electricity to light bulbs.

Halogen metal vapour lamps are economical and efficient, tiny, consisting of halogens with a filling of lamps that offer a high brightness. Offered it in two variants: with simple quartz torches and high-quality ceramic burners. Lamp sets are high-quality lighting systems for indoor as well as for outside use. You are so to say all inclusive” Quality products, which contain everything belongs to a fluorescent tube: ballast, starter and matching versions. Floor lights are for indoor as well as outdoor suitable lamps, which can be used for many different purposes: as a Wegemarkierungen, for the purpose of interesting lighting effects and color accents on the floor or a floor radiating upwards. Signage helps win customers and guests. This different light sources can be used. The classic colored neon tubes are used as signs that are attached to shops and restaurants, light-emitting diodes allow extra effects. Outdoor lighting are used mostly as a motion detector. Lamps are mounted on the wall or incorporated are used mostly for economical LED. Hans Becker