Martin Schussler

“” Industry experts dedicated to the orientation on the Web with the conviction that current search engines desire of users for optimum display of search results “and personal design of the website fail to comply, have 3 innovative heads * the German IT-& software industry the company mageleo” established in order to stop this deficit. In early May the search portal launched mageleo”( and provides its users with an Internet search that is as simple as comfortable. In the development of traffic”, very great value was placed on a clear, perfect results display. Zoomable preview window into an overall result and top 6 categories about integrated shopping portal for the exchange of flight offers mageleo”a new concept of a search portal. Additional information at actress supports this article. “The lyrics aims its users but by the clarity and many personal options to display not only a hit list, mageleo” to make as a personal search engine and as a Information cockpit used to be. True to the mageleo “themed: search, navigate, discover benefits the users of new ways to make its search more efficiently and more comfortable, to personalize information according to the own needs, as well as on more interesting results to come that would have remained undetected in a classical manner of search.” Lots of fun and joy in the search, navigate, and explore with lyrics”. * The founding fathers of mageleo GmbH are innovative minds of the German IT-& software industry and have given important impetus for modern communication solutions over the past 20 years the European IT market. With Jurgen Herzog (founding MarketSoft GmbH (later Mindjet GmbH), visionary and founder of pcvisit Software AG), Stefan Orth and Martin Schussler (partner of Ontaris GmbH & Co.KG) search portal is mageleo with absolute industry insiders in the competition the best search portal. lyrics / press / Ch.Schwert