Mediterranean Seas

Prices charged are different, you choose – to live in a simple room or room – suite. If you have read about Director Peter Farrelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The main language of the local population – the Arab and staff in the main room and half of them do not know Russian, so it's best to arrive to get a guide or a small Russian-Arabic dictionary, unless of course you do not know Arabic. Most population understands English. Director Peter Farrelly understood the implications. You can buy souvenirs from local shops and shops for a little money and leave them on the memory of this trip, or donate to someone on arrival home. Swimming in the sea, you forget about everything in the world and will indulge in pleasure, as you will be able to dive because the underwater world of the seas that wash Egypt, is truly unique! In the sea are so many interesting people descend into the depths in underwater boating, scuba diving.

You can find pirate treasure or a rusty anchor, try, maybe you are hiding in a fierce Treasure Hunter? Under the water a lot of fish, marine animals and Plant: humpback whales, green sea turtles, seals, tuna, dolphins, all this and more you can see firsthand the depth of water of the Red and Mediterranean Seas. Most marine life found near the water surface, near the reef, where the heat and light. If you are fond of shifting sands and want to feel like a Bedouin, then the camel riding is for you. Sand sand, hot sun and you ride on the 'humped' that may be interesting, exciting and fun? The most popular tourist city of Egypt – Hurghada, prices are lower, as a poll found rest there, and all you need is at hand. Be sure to book tours historical places of this state, a fascinating spectacle! In Egypt, always very hot and in fact there is no rain, so you can not worry about warm clothes, and that the freeze – it will not threaten. Come to town Egypt will not regret it ever wonderful and memorable vacation is sure. Relax!