National Library Entertainment

There are classical music. Jorge Perez wanted to know more. No, not "Die Toten Hosen", "E-type" or "Gaza Strip". Mozart and Chopin! By At least, I guess, because inside there was only one time, the class that way in the third. I prefer rock or dance composition. Want to bet? Welcome.

Dense flow of people busily moving in the opposite Philharmonic direction. No, it's not Bach, Glinka with them so scared. Just to the side is Komarovsky market. Continuing to move along the avenue to the ringing of clever ideas in your head, you'll find cafes, universities, the Academy Sciences, the Botanical Garden, National Library and other attractions in Minsk … The sidewalks are wide, the cars can pass one another in any lane.

Please note, spacious courtyards, even in the heart of the city. So if fall into childhood and want to play cops and robbers a ride on the carousel or to build a castle in a sandbox – no problem with that you will not have. For those who are older, lack of entertainment, which boils night life with all its virtues and vices. As you can see, the capital offers a versatile entertainment. Regularly come across cinemas. Some films suggest the need to accelerate scientific and technological progress – it was nice to be in the end, to construct a robot that could be instead of us going to the movies on such "masterpieces", while you're with a friend immediately start to the most interesting. Better yet, if these same robots will be able for you to do the ritual procedure of drinking.