Like a star far away the lights shone a highway. Later, the forest around the road disappeared and has opened an infinite depth review of the night. Part 3: It has become clear that We drove to some town. Light became more and more, well visible, five-story buildings, some streets, and hurrying him on passing cars. Under the lounge music to draw pictures of the night seemed to fabulous beautiful.

By that time, rushing to it at all stages already train in a hurry. Only the ringing of intersection of road and railway. roads could bring down a while and relaxed dreaming brain for something more down to earth. Through a few minutes train ride continues by inertia completely lost speed. With a slight creaking train moved from one direction to another very quickly around a lot of new ways. Station the night the city was already quite close. Wagons mingled with tanks standing on top of neighboring paths illuminated by powerful floodlights.

Soon we stopped opposite the station. Lights illuminate, apparently, recently renovated, their way into our car. Maybe from this world, and felt that the train can no longer pump, some passengers came to life. Children in the next compartment tried to find out that my mother is a stop. Someone looking at the time, turned on the other side and continued to pretend something is asleep. During a stop in my player sounded some great lounge tracks. It became a bit boring, along the platform there were some other people.