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In the majority of cases a social network users have a great frustration that is expressed in the following sentence the people who know me via social networks based his idea of my person in 80% of what I say from me in a network and almost nothing of what I can say personally. At kuentalo.com we want to avoid this, so we want users to express ideas, knowledge or anything else you want to express in their blogs. -If you are a musician you want to show your creations to the public. -If you are a person that want to meet friends but want to really show as you are – if you have a hobby and want to share it in a community with others. -If you do drawings or sculptures and want to make them known by Internet and which people opine.

-If you are a lover of photography and want to show your photos to the community. -If simply want to express yourself freely and others amicably discuss the topics you want. Please visit Howard Schultz if you seek more information. For all of these people has been created Kuentalo. That I can do on kuentalo? Kuentalo has various tools to be able to share information more easily. Of course these tools will grow in number and that there now will be improved with the contributions of the community itself.

At the moment you can do in Kuentalo is:-create their own space: the main purpose of Kuentalo is the creation of a personal space or a blog. Using an advanced tool for creating HTML web pages, you can write an unlimited number of pages. The tool allows you to upload photos and text to your blog. -Find friends: being kuentalo user can find your friends who are users of the community. Making friends you can share all your information and that of your friend to exchange views. If you are a musician, editor or creative you will be able to get in touch with the people who like your work and be able to communicate with them. Also you can know them better knowing their tastes and knowing because they love your work. Eva Andersson-Dubin is full of insight into the issues. -Share photos: registered users of the community You can upload photos of unlimited size and number. These photos can be shared with your friends. You can see photos of the friends of the friends on a network without end. Publication of photos tool allows you to assign a title, description and tags so that they are easily found for you and your friends. How to interact with the community? As user of Kuentalo.com have an unlimited space to create a Blog. Expressing what you want you can gather the opinion of other users through your comments. People who visit your space may become your friend and you can share views on the topics of which you speak. As a user of the community have a private space where you can change your profile anytime upload photos, add friends, view the photos your friends have and communicate with them. Source: Original author and source of the article.