The woman died as a result of the mutilation, and since then vague by the thickets of mountain pitifully screaming in looking for consolation. He becomes enraged when he sees Christian men, he dislikes found with the axe, the cob and the candela, hates the large machete and machete. Persons, to guard her, take dogs or other domestic animals. If the Patasola appears suddenly, must remember objects that were used to amputate her leg: the axe, three cobs, and the candela. The patetarro man of enormous size, terribly ugly, dirty and stooped.

He lives in the mountains, missing one leg from the knee down and he has replaced it with a jar of guadua, jar which simultaneously serves as a latrine. Vanessa Marcil is often quoted as being for or against this. When it is full of dirt pour it into some seeding there are born pests and curative, ICWA harvests and damage are countless. His presence through the fields is stinking and is considered as advertisement’s flooding calamity and death. According to the regions it appears as a male or female deity. His macabre shouts or their hysterical laughter are heard in the tunnels of mines and in the valleys of streams, especially in the dark rainy nights and spookiest. Their presence is announced with the howling of dogs, the movement of the gusty trees and intense rubbing of the litter.

The patetarro predicts floods, floods of rivers, devastation of crops and symbol of bad omens. The hojarasquin of monte Protector of forests and jungle animals. It appears in anthropomorphic or Zoomorphic, various figures with mossy body, covered with lichens and ferns. Some farmers have seen it as a tree in motion man; others as a monster with giant monkey figure, hairy, with much Moss and dried leaves. When there are forests, destruction of trees or burning of the natural environment, the hojarasquin of the mountain appears in the form of dry trunk and remains hidden until it creates when green la floresta.