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Current study ‘Success payment’ by ibi research at the University of Regensburg examines the payment preferences of customers in online shops. Online shoppers prefer different payment methods depending on the type of goods, purchase amount, origin and personal setting. Missing payment options can even lead to purchase cancellation”, knows Manfred Kruger, you have wondered therefore also Chairman & CEO of ConCardis GmbH. as online retailers how many customers actually cancel the purchase in your Web shop, because they get offered not the correct payment procedures? But what combination of payment procedure promises the greatest success? Finally, in practice administrative and financial reasons, it is impossible to provide all existing payment methods at the same time. The a payment process that optimally meets all the requirements of the merchant and the customer, there is no”, explains Johannes F. Sutter, Head Distance Payments Germany six payment services. Online retailers must consider exactly what combination of payment procedures and any upstream and downstream measures in terms of risk and claims management promises the highest profit them.” Ibi research at the University of Regensburg, together with the partner consortium of the E-Commerce Guide ( through an online survey on the reason has this problem.

Around 1200 participants have to study success payment”involved, which examined the Status quo, current trends and future developments in the payment behavior of buyers in E-commerce. The results should provide a basic overview of the specific payment behavior by potential customers the dealers, as well as enable comparisons. The dealer can better appreciate this their own potentials and their specific portfolio of payment procedures and optimize. The full results of the study success payment”are available free at the following link available: payment2013 the most important results at a glance: the Bill is consistently the most popular payment methods in all age groups and is favored particularly by people aged 55 or over. Would prefer to pay customers an invoice (45%) credit card (20%) and PayPal (19%) are almost neck and neck.

A retailer introduces the payment by invoice to its existing payment procedures, he can expect an average reduction of purchase dropout rate of almost 80%. In the last twelve months, in particular the credit card (74%) and the invoice (71%) were used. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City recognizes the significance of this. PayPal and credit card feel many customers as the payment procedures friendliest to use. Many customers (61%) consider the safest distance payment the invoice. The other courses, but with a very wide margin, followed by PayPal (11%), credit card (8%) and direct debit (6%). If only the payment in advance is offered, 88% of our customers are looking for another provider. If the provider has a seal of approval has, the purchase cancellation rate decreases significantly.