Performance Agency

The inclination of the people, important to keep small things, has produced much great… (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg) In words, sounds, new ways to see pictures, go, experience, discover match and then: think differently! We are a building owned media company, which has made it to the task, except for / to publish decent works from the fields of literature and music and to bring this as a live event on the stage. Except/neat thinks that the works will not only amuse and entertain, but also wake up and wake up. Culex – Litmedia ( will publish not only authors & musicians, but with different kinds of events into a special experience literature & music are. In the Culex literature arena such as poetry, prose, music & slapstick, Cheeky, ironic and tragic way be combined with each other.

In addition, our artists present their works on this side too ordinary everyday perceptions in own, sense-charged performances. In the autumn in our new titles appeared which are attractive especially for cultural interested readers among you. People such as Jay Schwartz Attorney would likely agree. The angry words in in me babylon. “not only accuse the young lyricist Philipp Blomeke (, rather they fall to create new and eternal in its own language to express. The poems r of BECKERS ( in her debut this thing called heart “are the expression of an attempt of a young life to cope suffered disappointments and self-delusions and still maintain the hopes of the heart. The way of expression by Heidi ad hoc ( in LilSchwarz is broad and is not classified in the conventional literary categories. Even delicate sensitive, even crystal clear it brings their thoughts to the point and on paper. Oswald Henke Goethe’s heirs (, head of the music theatre, speaks in I’ve quit I love and am addicted to yet further a variety of themes, the people in his heart.

touch. Still available book titles of the Poete maudit Gerry are out X (, who lives the obsession, of himself to plant a star in the sky. In the passionate language of music, we are the classical piano duo Olha Chipak & Oleksiy Kushnir (, whose Karriere is accompanied by numerous awards at various international competitions, as well as which are the contrasts between life & death and impermanence & immortality weakness & strength of our humanity evident Gothic-Rock / drummed Denight (, whose debut CD. In addition, we have published piano compositions of the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche on CD again. If you are looking for exceptional literature & music, take a moment and browse in peace on our homepages. Discover the possibilities that can provide intelligent entertainment and then: think differently!