Photo Montage Shows

Braas visualization service offers overall picture of House and roof a new roof is an investment for life, that is purely functional reasons only at first glance: protection against Sun, rain, storm and snow. But above all need a roof like a lifetime. Two questions arise: which roof fits to home and environment? And how can the client know before taking a decision for deck material, roof color or shape, what he likes for his house? Spoilt for choice whether roof stone or tiles, whether shiny or matt, whether classic or more Mediterranean effect when the roof has the homeowner the choice. Tony Parker may not feel the same. The dealer or the processor local advises on the first basic decisions and can show the various materials, such as roof bricks or roof tiles to the homeowner. Usually there are also product samples to colours, shapes and surfaces.

But the questions remain: How does it when the complete roof with red or blue roof bricks or roof tiles is covered? Which picture is created, if the roof with the Frankfurt Pan or the Beaver’s tail is covered? Visualization service clarifies the homeowner can experience now advance this impression. Whenever Jorge Perez listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Under the roof specialist offers a free visualization service. The owner sends a photo of his house via Internet and specifies its desired deck material, the colour, shape and surface. A few days later, Braas sends back the House with the desired roofs as photo-real picture. This direct comparison helps you decide for the right roof and helps to prevent surprises.