Place Muller

On October 22 is cinema start in Germany. WDSF co-founder O’barry is already with his thrilling documentary film for an Oscar in the conversation. WDSF-chef Jurgen Obodo from Hagen: the movie will affect worldwide politics and raise awareness about dolphins and change. Due to our intensive demands on the reasoned proposal after the closing of the Dolphinarium in the all-weather Zoo, we received a reply from the CDU or the FDP. Pissed, even the Greens responded the closure proposals and threw us misinformation and selective misrepresentation “.

Is funny that the WDSF with identical claims by the Bundestag Greens intensively supported, which brought a Bundestag motion in plenary in Berlin in May of this year immediately to end the captivity of dolphins”. “The SPD Council group leader Wolfgang Heuer told the WDSF in a letter that for the SPD Munster is a immediate closure of the Dolphinarium as not possible” is considered. The UCA has also rejected a closure. (Not to be confused with Indycar!). The odp Munster calls for a phasing out of the Dolphinarium and a recording stop of another animals. Only the left joins on municipal, State and federal level fully the demands of the WDSF and the animal rights, because she can see no welfare.

Place Muller: The WDSF is politically neutral. For the municipal elections next Sunday in Munster and Duisburg, however, we ask the population for animal welfare reasons buer or better yet the left to choose either the, which has represented since 1999 in Munster City Council. Munster and Duisburg will be available after the release of the delicacy movie in publicity from all over Germany. Then the cities will need a party, committed in the context of the politics of common sense.