Scientists Deny Myths Of The Popular Culture

As regards which the heat, this does not escape of the body of the people by the head with more intensity than by any other part, the investigators affirm that during the study, that was realised by the military, the individuals used suits of Arctic survival without cap and measured their loss of corporal heat in cold temperatures, this produced that it will be arrived to an erroneous conclusion, because they assumed that the human being is congealed from above. These investigators did not consider previous studies that they demonstrated that the head does not have anything of special against the cold. The second considered myth as false has to do with the obesity, says that to eat to last hour it gets fat more of the account. The American scientists assure that people get fat because she consumes more of the calories than burning fire. Insofar as people take off plus the life in winter that in other stations, different studies have verified that this is not certain. In different countries the studies demonstrate increase of suicides in different times. The Flower of Christmas Passover that adorns many houses during this time is not dangerous and evidence that would be to eat enters 500 and 600 plants to cause a poisonous effect in the human being. This way the American scientists verified that many studies are not realised with the rigor necessary to be published. The influence of these studies in the behaviors of the population is definitive for such reason must to be more serious and to go deep more in the details. Original author and source of the article.