Shore Excursion On Gotland

Report on a shore excursion on Gotland, Gotland is aim of Baltic sea cruises unfortunately too rarely. The great Swedish Baltic island is a nice alternative to the pavement contact: rural and fresh, green and healthy, with one word: Scandinavian. When the weather in the summer Gotland has something of the charm of the Mediterranean. Ever so not Nordic serenely radiates the Sun, the Baltic Sea is unduly blue, surprisingly extensively play the children into the sea. June in Gotland – right next door is the Riga and Tallinn. We have for our Baltic Sea cruise sweater wrapped and no T-Shirts. That cannot happen knowledgeable Gotland drivers. They know their island has more sunshine than Sweden’s Mainland and also at all not cool looks and booked out.

Our cruise ship has anchored from Visby. The historic island capital is pretty to look at with its fortified city walls, a fortified building from the middle ages. The city wall is still intact with 38 towers. No one passes on Gotland’s glorious past. Sure,. been quite often golden old times care to be.

But this island has seen really better days. Around 1300, the rich Hanseatic town Visby dominated all trade on the Baltic Sea. And Gotland farmers fed their livestock from silver trays. That munkelten in any case, the people on the Mainland. It awakens the envy of neighbors usually go unpunished. Only the Danes were produced then the Lubeck over the island. Since then, the Islanders have enough leisure to dream of the past. Gotland was meaningless, poor, and consequently to the Idyll. Out of gratitude, not that they must live in concrete tenements, the Gotlanders make candlesticks and ship models in their historicized window; as if their homes were still not cute enough! Not a high-rise building is on the entire island. The highest houses of Visby Strandgatan for example have purebred staircase as Gothic warehouses. There are all sorts of alternative for the afternoon on Gotland in the Landau flight brochure. We should go after Lickershamn in the North and walking South through its pine forests? Shall we visit the 92 churches on the island as artsy education citizens or dig for fossilized sea urchins and snails as a naturalist with a passion in the cliffs of Gothemhammar? We rent us a car and drive at a Sunday pace over land. Here a stolid farm, as a delicate cottage in wedding cakes look, which is sentimental. Once all resorts on the sea must have been so or at least something similar back when you jetted yet not on vacation, but attended a summer resort; a summer resort with solid wooden houses, their conservatories every year were cut in May and in their front gardens the peonies on time flourished at Pentecost. Despite relevant experience of Gotland, we have provided exaggerated expectations of the Ibiza of the Baltic Sea. Sun, beach, bare breasts and orchids make no Spaniards from the Sweden. Nordic temperament is not just Mediterranean. Those who come to Gotland, which must be themselves enough. Because between 57th and 58th degrees of North latitude little happens. But is actually very much in the hustle and bustle, or? We go on board and excited about the future goals of our Baltic Sea cruise. If you want to learn more about Baltic sea cruises, I highly recommend the website Heino Tegeler