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Thuja (Thuja) – decorative evergreen coniferous plant family cypress (Cupressaceae). Thuja is an evergreen plant. Maybe a tree or shrub. Bushes come in with a dense crust and branched shoots. Height Tui reaches 60 meters and a width of 6 meters. Tui Young have soft needles, adult scale-like. The plant contains aromatic oils that give it a very pleasant smell. Twohy undemanding to habitat conditions and well tolerate the cold and polluted air.

They are ideal for the improvement of cities, houses adjoining areas and garden plots. Plant feels good in most parts of Russia (with the exception of territory of the extreme north-east of European part, the extreme northern part of the forest zone in Siberia and the dry steppe and semi-arid areas south of the country). Thuja grows in North America and East Asia and is following varieties: Historically, thuja comes from North America, particularly Canada, Virginia, North and South Carolina, usa. Local aboriginals called thuja American tree of life. For its beauty and shape Thuja impressed by the Europeans and was brought to Europe, where it eventually sold for gardens and parks. In Russia, Thuja appeared relatively recently. It was brought into the eighteenth century.

While planting arborvitae were performed on Black Sea coast of Caucasus and Crimea. At the beginning of xx century, Thuja stir extremely rare because of the civil war. Large-sized shrubs and Tui unsurpassed beautiful. They will decorate your garden in the eastern style, giving special color of the surrounding landscape. Thuja is used in landscaping as an independent element (hedges, fences), also based in alpine and rock gardens (reference section greening and landscaping).