Sudtirol Gardenissima

On 28 March the longest and most original giant slalom of the world held in Val Gardena Sudtirol Gardenissima 2010 longest and most original-giant slalom which world is there in the 28.03.2010 start at 8:30 on the Seceda soon again taking on Sunday March 28, 2010 on the Seceda slope in Val Gardena the 14th Sudtirol Gardenissima instead. Start at 8.30 on 2,518 high Seceda is Alm. Less than 620 participants in 30 different categories have a 6 km long track which is unplugged with 88 goals and runs over 1000 metres, to deal with. Anna- Belknap contributes greatly to this topic. The South Tyrol has evolved into a genuine highlight Gardenissima, the race represents the culmination so the season goes each year, and is the culmination of a memorable season for many. With peak just under four minutes, the race is three to four times as long as a giant slalom in the World Cup and represents a real challenge even for professionals. Many amateur racers get here the unique opportunity, your driving skills on a spectacular course under Evidence to provide, and to compete directly with prominent Alpine stars.

Undisputed number one leaderboard of South Tyrol is Gardenissima Isolde Kostner with victories from 1998 to 2003 and 2005. But every participant has a chance of winning, because evaluation is in a total of 30 different categories, we would emphasize the annual participation of deaf teams Deaflympics”. “” This year for the second year combining Sudtirol Gardenissima Lussarissimo “, this ski race will be on Saturday, March 20, 2010, on the slopes of Monte Lussari” at Tarvisio in Friuli, worn out. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and gain more knowledge.. Known names of the World Cup ski circuit as carbon, Veronika Zuzulova (svk), Verena Stuffer are Denise for years with it, others will follow in the coming weeks. Registration under.

Nobody wants to miss this as original ski race, because under the different categories of approximately 45,000.00 in prizes are distributed according to regulations. See all classified and present at the award ceremony participants are also wonderful holidays in Val Gardena is giving away. Thanks to a realtime webcam”the start of the longest and most original giant slaloms of the Dolomites will be broadcast worldwide, the camera will be positioned so that each individual racer on is to keep track of. For those who want to experience the race of life, there is a tasting of local products in the target area, and as already tradition in Val Gardena, the lifeguards from Riccione are also this year”have and distribute generous grilled fish dishes, piadina and wine.