The Trip


But today I want to speak of the invisibilidade and the trip in the time. The invisibilidade is a pparently badly understood well simple phenomenon and that depends, in some cases, so only of the size of the bodies and its speed. When the bodies are very small, to the times do not enxergamos them. when they are very great, or distant, also not, for being outside of the reach of our visual capacity. Who remembers Micrmegas de Voltaire? On the other hand, if to look at for a solid body, as a rock, it in them seems solid, but in the reality it is formed by a infinity of spaces and atomic particles in movement that we exactly do not enxergamos for its size and speed. The scholar Democritus, in the antiquity, said that the atom was the lesser particle of the substance, and during much time thus it was considered, until the subatmicas particles had been uncovered.

Some beings and substances also remain invisible depending on its constitution or molecular composition. But we go to a practical and common example. A off fan. Its helices are visible. But if binding, the helices start to turn and disappear. Thus it happens with the bodies that if dislocate in speed bigger of what that one that our brain and our eyes can perceive. Therefore, to be visible or invisible is a question of size, color, appearance, consistency, distance and movement. How much to the trip in the time, so explored in fiction books, through the thought we can tranquilamente carrying in them to where to want, for the future that we imagine or the past that already we know.

Pilgrimage Activities


It is the case of the Pilgrimage of the hollow of Peter carried through in day 29 of June, day of Are Peter, where if they set tents for the consumption of foods and drinks and for games, in louvor Peter, a cattle tender of the assassinated region barbarously at the beginning of the century, that if became a legend for its inhabitants, from the certification of miracles that would have practised. The party is very concurred and represents a great animation for the social life and commercial place, according to interviewed authorities, needing support of the State government. Moreover, the city counts on a scenic landscape that could better be explored as ambient tourism. The city does not possess industrial activities that deserve great prominence. It can be considered, in small transport, only the small houses of the flour manufacture. The productive infrastructure of the city is sufficiently precarious and has emperrado in such a way the production as the draining of the products of this region.

The net of vicinal roads of the city is all of land, the ways of main access are only cascalhadas and exactly thus of extension. In this direction, the main claim of the population in general of the city is, the pavement of the roads that they establish connection cities to the important road axles of the region, as the construction implantation of vicinal roads; what with certainty it will be able to dinamizar and to make possible diverse activities in the city with the consequent improvement in the quality of life of the population as a whole. It is evident, in this context, the importance of the performance of the governments state and federal in the direction to facilitate the access to the credit for the implantation of activities in the city, as well as the implementation of diverse workmanships of infrastructure that can collaborate for the development of activities that provide to greater generation of job and income.