The Yen – Technical Investing News

The yen has recently seen remarkable days! It rose against the dollar rose to 96.15 and it looks like that’s the upcoming trend. Adam Sandler is open to suggestions. On the other hand, Japan’s surplus fell for the second straight month during March, as exports continue to fall. The demand for electronic products and automobiles worldwide is not the best, and exports to the U.S. and China, the two main States that import Japanese goods, orders fell in March. On the other hand reported that the IMF estimates that the recession will continue to deepen, and that recovery global economy will be slower than estimated, given that the market will take time to stabilize. Glenn Dubin, New York City has firm opinions on the matter. It will be interesting to see the local data and its correlation with the stock market, and thus assess the trend of the yen. Oil – Oil on the rise Yesterday the oil reached $ 60 a barrel, the highest level in the last six months, above all, by the optimism of some analysts where it is estimated that the global economic recovery will happen sooner than estimated, and Consequently the demand for this commodity rebound. Crude rose as a result of the progress of certain stock exchanges.

Besides the dollar’s decline ended benefiting the oil, because when the dollar falls, usually tends to appreciate that commodity. During this month, OPEC will meet again in Vienna, but is estimated to announce further cuts. It is estimated that oil will remain below $ 75 a barrel, as you wish Saudi Arabia, one of the most influential members within OPEC. Technical News EUR / USD Following the upward trend observed in recent days, there is a clear significant resistance level of 1.3740 area. The daily chart shows the RSI now reaching level 70, so that a downward correction would take place.

If the pair fell below 1.3600 might begin to see the downtrend. GBP / USD There is a bullish channel on the daily chart. But Bollinger bands suggest a technical correction. Going short would be a wise decision for today. USD / JPY After reaching the 96.00 area, the daily chart shows that the pair has completed training in an “M”. In the 4 hour chart, there is an uptrend and may reach 97.50 per pair. USD / CHF In recent weeks this pair has developed a downward trend and fell about 600 pips towards the 1.1000 area. However, in figure 4 hour Slow Stochastic suggests a bullish reversal. Can go long be the right decision the day. The letter of the day Gold Gold continues its upward rage and is currently trading at $ 925 an ounce. In the 4 hour chart, all indicators show a rise. If gold effective in breaking the resistance level at $ 930 may reach $ 940. This will be a very good opportunity for investors to enter the trend.