Anchor Stones – The Child

There are 16 different kits for creativity and imagination without boundaries. Movie star often says this. The Anker-Steinbaukasten as first system toy in the world can look back on an eventful history more than 125. What the nature for millennia, in Rudolstadt for many decades in relatively few hours produced: stone. (Source: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City). Inspired by the wooden blocks of the pedagogue and inventor of the kindergarten of Friedrich Frobel, the Aviation pioneers Otto and Gustav Lilienthal 1875 developed a recipe for the production of mineral components. As the creative genius of the brothers Lilienthal is greater than their marketing talent, they sell the recipe for making their blocks up in debt to the entrepreneurs judge in Rudolstadt. Einaches construction sample with this box the manufacturer built in 1880 a new building for the production of judge anchor became”in Rudolstadt. That was the birth of the anchor stones and begins the triumphal March around the world. There are stones in different sizes, shapes, and sizes, together precisely designed modular system are unique in its kind.

Made from pure natural materials: silica sand, linseed oil, colour pigments and chalk. Already at first glance features: natural stones in three colors, packaged in beautifully nostalgic wood boxes. After the production 1963 in the GDR the anchor stones with the founding of the Anker Steinbaukasten GmbH experienced its renaissance in 1995. Expensive manufacture work produced anchor became again after original templates. “” “Awards quickly followed: the seal of quality game well” and Oskar “the US toy industry Parence coice award in gold”. Built after the construction templates or letting of own imagination free rein. Stone on stone can be on the basis of its own weight without adhesives in accordance with each other build up of statics. Who wants to build with anchor stones, starts “with 55 stones or with reason box no.

6″, of 105 stones with the basic box no. 4 includes. CREATIVITY STAMINA INTELLIGENCE Anchor became three-dimensional experience allow the environment. Imagination, creativity, motor skills and concentration are also the spatial imagination of the child equally and playful templates trained. The most important, however, is that it’s creepy fun!

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The Resulting

In the most birth announcements, one finds also individual sayings, stories and poems, the joy of parents about the offspring will express. At the same time conveyed but also the best wishes and ideas for the future. Sociologically seen birth announcements but published not only to express the pride of their parents, but should above all serve that can ensure this type of disclosure that also each of the friends, family and other relatives are also guaranteed informed and feel not at a disadvantage, because they may know nothing about it. This should save the parents also lots of time and effort because so informing each falls away. The parents can fully enjoy their newly won fortune in the first time and resting from the exhausting rigors of childbirth. Generally considered the birth announcement of the text types of family ads lets associate. One to this category in addition to the birth announcement for example also marriage and acquaintance requests, but also obituaries. The family indicators are almost always due to social background.

The birth announcement is however not a phenomenon of in recent history goes back a long way In earlier times, when only a few people had the privilege to be able to read and write, it was the birth of a new child to announce task of the Church. Thereby, the competent clerk of parochial on a pulpit exclaimed, who was born. But that was not the only way to disseminate this information. What in today’s radio and television, as well as the print media take over, spread propaganda in other times mainly by word of-mouth. Only close relatives and friends were informed by messengers about it. But the increasingly growing population and the resulting urbanization, so the spread of urban lifestyles in rural areas, the dissemination of information on births has been increasingly difficult. The fact the is the literacy of the population more and more spread enormously helped.