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German magazine has now its own website with shop the German first edition of the prestigious US magazine, natural bodybuilding & fitness”already caused sensation in the local scene. The newly released Second Edition provoked lots of positive reactions. “We are satisfied, welch quickly is our new magazine a corresponding degree of popularity has drawn up”, says body attack managing director Jan Budde, who wants to further intensify the dissemination of the magazine in the coming weeks and months. “Body attack ( would like to NB & F” on the German market, establish and expand. A first step has already managed his company. Body attack had set up a homepage for the magazine. Interested book posts of past expenditure, training tips, and portraits as well as interviews can be read at. You can secure but also current information or come in contact with the editors of the magazine.

We want to put a permanent replacement, the Opinion our readers”, says Budde, who won by an experienced and respected natural bodybuilders as Chief Editor for his magazine with Berend Breitenstein. As an additional plus, the makers of the focuses sold via the Axel Springer sales GmbH consider the fact that an Internet shop for dietary supplements has been integrated in the online version of their magazine. We want to offer our readers or users in the network can directly and quickly to look appropriate supplements for”, so Budde. The entire presentation is open. For the following issues those responsible want to tackle more Crossmedia steps. Follow others, such as Larry Culp, and add to your knowledge base. Our main goal is customer – or reader and user satisfaction”Budde says.


On the wings of music is the title of the CD. For 15 years, Ronny Gander moves on the wings of music. On his latest eponymous CD, produced by Prasky records, the young singer takes his fans on a musical journey through the world. Pop music, says the artist, is what he always wanted to do. In May 2008 the 31-year-old from the Schlaube Valley has brought professional his first television appearance in the Berlin transmitter FAB behind. Meanwhile, he lives his dream as an artist, says Ronny Gander.

And always on the wings of music. With this title, with the whole CD, the singer wants to say thank you. Thank you to the fans, the family, to all who have believed always in him and supported him. Thanks to the music, which determines his life, that he wants to bring joy to his listeners. That he will succeed with his latest disc, the first song already proves. Titled the little city by the sea “is he already regularly on radio stations to hear. A threesome Schlager, who immediately goes in the ear, the tells of love, holidays, Sun, beach and sea.

With silky soft voice sings Ronny Gander by incipient love in the midst of deep blue South Sea magic spread Hawaii-feeling with the song climbing into the boat, we go”. After a fiery Fiesta Grande”on the Copacabana beach hits the singer quiet tones. Gentle ballads like a faint whisper with the wind “seduce the listener to dream between rustling leaves under moonlight. To the cozy reclining time did not last long, because already the next title Ronny Gander is again spirited. Whether he probably told by his own first love, when he sings the desire on the first time and wants to feel again this summer? The main themes are love, lust and passion on the new album by Ronny Gander. A classic follows a trip to hot Flamenco dancers. Shallow voice with emotional vocals, he brings the Capri-Fischer in the homely living room, the quiet lapping of the waves in the Moonlight are formally to listen. Another classic, to the already many singers have ventured, is”Santa Lucia. “Ronny Gander has it simply beautiful is the morning” made. But he has given this title also a face of its own. Unusual rhythm, but quickly grabs the listener that equally stimulates to dream like to dance. The wings of music carry Ronny Gander Palm beaches and in nighttime, maybe even secret dreams. Sometimes also quickly beat the wings in the dreams. “Hopelessly in love with you” or even the Tango do me a compliment “hardly anyone still dumped, go immediately to the legs. The final song of the CD has dedicated to his hometown Ronny Gander. With his homage to the Schlaube Valley he has become today a monument in Treppeln. Music is my passion and I want to wake to your passion for dancing and singing “, says the likable singer. His latest CD, anyway, testifies to a tremendous development of the young man with the soft, charming voice. Ronny Gander on the wings of music”record label and distribution: RASKY-records & productions / Austria label code: 12241 information about Ronny Gander on the Internet at and ronnygander Direketkontakt: Office Ronny Gander, Hauptstrasse of 9, 15898 Neuzelle Tel: 033656 3061 fax: 033656 41044 E-mail: report: Hans Peter Sperber