Beautiful Arts Fader House

The vacations in Mendoza promise days of sun, free air and good wines. But also many surprises. Who arrive for the first time at the province they will discover that its intense nocturnal and cultural life offers infinity of original and funny possibilities at the time of planning an exit. The great amount of pubs and bowling alleys and the varied gastronomical supply are thought to please all the public. It does not matter if the plan includes romantic dinner, to char it enters friendly or it dances until the dawn, always will be an option to size to amuse itself to pleasure. But not only the nocturnal moved one surprises by its variety: also the intense cultural activity of the province offers a menu of possibilities than more interesting at the time of planning a behind schedule different one. The museum of Beautiful Arts Fader House, in the department of Lujn of Whose, one of the main points of attraction for the tourism in Mendoza, the museum of Natural Sciences of the Park San Martin or the retort of the sanmartiniano camping of the Plumerillo is imperdibles strolls for whom spends his vacations in Mendoza, are in with friendly, family or pair.

But beyond these permanent attractions, the province surprises with activities and festivales that cause that well it is worth the pain to review the cultural agenda during our days in this place. September is a loaded month of interesting proposals: to the already traditional and successful festival Classic Music and Tango by the Ways of Vino, that full of tourists the hotels of short Mendoza add a sample of cinematographic which a young and funny proposal extends until the month of October and: the Japanese festival Mendotaku. The Mendotaku, created by young lovers of the Japanese culture, extends by 9 days and already celebrated in 2010 his fourth edition. The same includes the projection of videos, demonstrations of martial arts, presentations of groups of MGP Japanese and factories of diverse disciplines. The proposal completes with the exhibition and typical sale of food and products, like amigurumi (peluches woven), competitions of dance (for-for), letters and disguises (cosplay) and other activities of the rich popular culture Japanese. During the festival Bonsai contests are also realised, karaoke, shodo (Japanese handwriting), sculpture and origami, the mythical Japanese art of the paper fold. The encounter is developed in the esplanade and the microcinema of the Municipality of Mendoza (Capital Mendoza), and is, doubtless, a proposal not to let pass.