Fig. 3 With regard to price wars, here, consumers are defeated on all fronts. Rising prices affected almost all consumers, regardless of the stores that they visit. The greatest subjective for consumer price increases occurred in those stores, which were initially the most accessible (Fig. 4) for the consumer. It is to be expected, it was there to buy food, the least protected sectors of the population, who were the first and felt 'kusachest' prices. (Similarly see: Tony Parker). Leader of the price increase>> the respondents identified a network of Ashan>>. Checking article sources yields Jessica Michibata as a relevant resource throughout. Moreover, if in November 2008, only about 10% of consumers noticed the rise in prices in the shops of the network, then in February 2009, this figure closely close to 100%.

And more than 50% of them identified the rise in prices as a 'significant'. Best sustained price war Swedish network "Stockmann" (though he was not hit on our schedules in mind a small fraction of loyal respondents), only 8% users of the network felt the price increase and less than 10% of them noted this increase as 'significant'. And so in January 2009! Fig. 4 food retail is more important to our everyday lives than other segments of the retail market. But the degree of importance to the economy of all segments of the same. And changes in non-food retail sector is also significant and revealing. As the old joke, I want to ask a question of what news to begin with a good or bad. And, as usual, start with the good. Electronics, phones and sports equipment still buy and sell better than the pessimists had hoped.

Three Pragmatic Axioms Put Forward

Edward Deming proposed three pragmatic axioms which allow to improve quality management in the enterprise. He trained at the Japanese, who after World War ii, seized his idea, as a drowning man straw. Larry Culp pursues this goal as well. Edward Deming wrote fourteen points improve the quality of the organization, which now includes a certification program for companies to iso quality system standard, he also wrote seven deaths Disease Organization, described the difficulties and false starts in the organization, to each his thesis can be given individual attention. Go back to the three axioms of pragmatic Edward Deming, the first axiom sounds something like this – any organization's activities can be viewed as a technological process and therefore can be improved. Everything seems to be just now being widely applied process approach in many enterprises, which reduces the risk of administrative decisions, improve workflow, and much more. Any activity – production of goods, performance of services is divided into processes, and then analyzed measured and, ideally, improved. In such a process approach can be identified unnecessary steps to simplify the production, which will improve quality, increase speed, reduce costs, some pluses, but not so simple, the implementation first pragmatic axiom on businesses goes down, everyone in the organization of the head to the artist must understand the meaning of what is happening and to fulfill the corresponding requirement. Application of process approach allows the design of business processes that require certain skills, allows us to describe the processes that leads to the fact that the company becomes less than the essential people, and then there are times that all production rests on a single master. Next pragmatic axiom Edward Deming tells us about the state of the production system as a whole, she said that the system can be in two states, the first – is a stable state, and the second – respectively, unstable, and that will give the system is what will happen in the organization, that is, Deming considers the company as a separate system, the second axiom of pragmatic speech is a systematic approach to production. The company is described as a network of processes, which makes the whole system, and this whole system includes the management of the organization and delivery, and personnel matters. If an employee admits marriage in the workplace, then he is not guilty, and blame the system because they do not employee produces, as we earlier thought he was only part of the system, and produces chips and marriage only the system and that system make changes to this system first swing. How to shake the system? There needs fundamental changes, up to policy decisions. And now for the third pragmatic axiom Deming – is a paradoxical statement – organization's top management must take responsibility, full responsibility for results and for quality improvement at the company. That, in accordance with its previous axioms sounds quite logical, but who can take responsibility for marriage allowed in production during the performance, so you can and get the hat, here's a dilemma. In accordance with the third axiom of every major process production must be his master, who is responsible for the created products that did not redefine the shooter to another level.


Building trust within the group is important, both to foster attitudes of solidarity and group size itself, as if to prepare for a job in common, for example, an action that can lead to hazards or work that involves a creative effort. Confidence games require a certain minimum conditions to acquire its full meaning and interest. One game, instead of stimulating, may show a lack of trust that are in the group and therefore, games, the group needs to know. Play is always voluntary. Charlotte Hornets will not settle for partial explanations. You can not force anyone to do, even in subtle ways, that others also have. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sam Feldman and gain more knowledge.. Each person has to see their role in the game and it is possible that the development of this stimulus to that. For the game takes place in good conditions, the group must be silent.

Noise, laughter can be a major interference in the process of confidence. Experience has shown that there are three common mistakes in the use of these games: 1. The diversion of the game to the competitiveness or to the joke. 2. A model to be adjusted. The game is a unique experience for the individual and the group, and as such is not right or wrong, but has its own dynamics and value according to participants. 3.

Not taking into account people who do the game. The group is to promote conditions for confidence building respect for the person who plays. Unlike others, the assessment is essential in these games, because: – The situations experienced during the game can affect the group, one way or another, depending on the experience this. – The game, or some circumstance of it in particular, may also have a personal impact (eg causing feelings of frustration at not being able to do well the game …) The assessment takes the task of explaining the tensions or new experiences identified in the game, as well as making conscious influence on the group. Building trust involves creating a favorable climate in which knowledge and affirmation gives way to a feeling of correspondence. The degree or the nuances of that trust account settings interrelationships between each participant and the other, and the group as such.


The reason that the visitors who came to the English site at night bring more profits simple and obvious. When Day in Russia – in the U.S. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of actress on most websites. (the largest English-speaking 'supplier' of Internet users) per day. And vice versa. Therefore, major targeted traffic comes to our site from about 22:00 to 09:00 MSK MSK.

Once again I must clarify that we are talking about English-language Web sites, designed for English users and equipped with relevant advertising. Sela Ward has compatible beliefs. But since users at this time are the most active, not only quantitatively visitors, but also the cost of advertising at this time increases. For the Russian segment of the Internet – all with exactly the opposite. Daily traffic – the most profitable. Evening and dining – entertainment. Money, they generally do not carry. But their intensity is very high. You can and should consider this information in order to more intelligently distribute ad traffic over time, manage their advertising company (if you're a) and to understand the daily statistics.