January Painter

Vanya Belaga builds castles in the air on cloud 7…Bilderausstellung, concert and anecdote reading with family top Bouchon in the “Gallery triad” in Hannoversch Munden Hannoversch Munden, November 29, 2009. Carola Heider-Leporale. “Vanya Belaga builds castles in the air on cloud 7 …so was on Sunday morning the motto of the opening opening of its exhibition of new images in the Gallery triad” in Hannoversch Munden. The “Gallery triad” is there since 2003 by the painter Dr. Nina top and the picture Hauer Ekkehard Bouchon. After the welcoming speech by Ekkehard Bouchon in the opened told, who studied art in Munich, this about the artist Vanya Belaga the event with improvisations on the wing and subsequent reading of small anecdotes, framed in tones and colours. Many people ask themselves at this lunch: what should you call him actually – a musician, painter, and writer? But he is a multimedia artist who knows exactly how you the audience excited, that looking for the easy Is special. Sitting at the piano he enters, ready allow the tones coming from the keys out. Actress can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Neither he nor the audience know what tune blends together in the course of a piece there as a pianist, similar with his brush before empty canvas is a painter. Sure, the experienced listener perceives it as a mixture of jazz, blues and classical music. Himself who was here perhaps more hesitant, for the spark of the artist skips at the latest at the time, as he charming and almost mischievous submits the “Moscow Panopticon” anecdotes with his own Russian Bavarian dialect from his collection. These are small stories that has written the life for him. Memories of his turbulent childhood in Moscow and one the enthusiasm which speaks of him realizes it gushes out just for him. Eva Andersson-Dubin has many thoughts on the issue.

“” “And whether it the history of lonely salami sausage”, Goldstein and the meat balls”or but the addition why Bach is a God”, he submits all these little anecdotes as if it was yesterday. With very much applause and great demand for the anecdote collection adopted the audience the musician, painter and writer from the event. Following the official part, Vanya Belaga stood still like all the professional visitors to answer to his exhibited paintings and art. “We hope that the Moscow waxworks” as soon as possible will appear in bookstores. The exhibition by Vanya Belaga is until January 25, 2010 in the Gallery “to see triad. All of the images are also for sale. For more information see: report: Carola Heider-Leporale my blog

Successful Films

As every year, there were a number of new movies 2010, but only a few made it to be really successful. Again, a year has passed and we can look back on a number of films that came in the cinemas in 2010. Had many a film such as kick-ass and Scott Pilgrim vs. Read more here: William Allen. the world deserves success, this did not materialise at the box-office, however. Here we want to not this sad examples turn to but, but the films that were 2010 particularly successful.

2010 is particularly striking, the movies, who soon put on 3D were successful. Frequently Jorge Perez has said that publicly. 3D movies have benefited in the first and second quarter of 2010 from the half-baked avatar-induced, in the course of the year, interest fizzled at the audience or significantly. From there benefited movies with clever ideas or but animated films. Remakes and many sequels had it, however, is often difficult. Laura Plomer describes an additional similar source. Many supposed blockbuster like Robin Hood, the voyage of the Dawn Treader and also the A-team remained far behind expectations. 1st place: Toy Story 3-1,063 million $ seat 2: Alice in Wonderland – 1024 Million $ place 3: Harry Potter and the Deathly of Hallows – part 1 – 863 million $ seat 4: inception – 825 million $ seat 5: forever Shrek – 740 million $ you can find more information and a larger overview of the most successful films of 2010 and the best movies of all time on Moviejones.de and of course the takings of many other films.

Spicy Video Of Tom Cruise Showed Up

Tom Cruise is a well-known Scientologist. What you want to think of this “religion”, everyone is up to. Nevertheless, one must say that many former competitors barely a good hair on this thing. Now, a video has surfaced showing Tom Cruise in 2004. The film circulating recently on Youtube.com. The clip, which is supposed to be about the site, is still online. It shows the actor as he lavishly talks about the privileges of a Scientologist. As is known, this religion is quite controversial.

“It is something, what you”earned”as a Scientologist, but not material but rather spiritual”, so the actor Tom Cruise. So the actor continued: “you learn new skills real to see and can be seen more improvements in conditions”. In this interview he repeated the words of “Keep Scientology Working” often representing as much as “Let’s work Scientology”. He wants to point out make having the chance to help better as a Scientologist: “you know, you can see faster People who need help and can help them”then even better. Coincidence or not, that now this video will appear exactly, because soon the book of Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, should appear. His new work is about Tom Cruise and his attitude to Scientology.

Title of the book is: “An Unauthorized Biography”. A representative of Tom Cruise, however, can be no good hair on this book. “This book reflects a totally false fact to the attitude of Tom Cruise Scientology dar.” It is vicious, false and an attack against Tom Cruise and his family “, so the representative. It remains to be seen, how the people will react to the video and especially as the paper on the counter. (Not to be confused with San Antonio Spurs!). Lisa Walters

With skill and mind – MacGyver solves again case by case! Hamburg, August 26, 2009 / / INPROMO / Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson, is also in the fourth season of the US hit series MacGyver again on the manhunt. While he saves himself and others with the most unusual means of the way out of most situations, because the lethal weapon of the legendary secret agent is his mind. The tech-savvy MacGyver, refusing to bear arms, the Phoenix Foundation, which operates in secret and when peacemaking actions supports the U.S. Government, as well as other principal works on behalf of. And what would MacGyver adventure without the MacGyverism as geliebten by his followers. Also in the fourth season, his fans can enjoy again about many tricks and gimmicks. So, in the episode “Blood brothers” with a solution of drain cleaner and phenolphthalein, it simulates human blood.

With the help of chemicals of a first aid kits and orange juice, he developed the film one in the episode “Survival” Aircraft surveillance camera of the DEA. The smart secret agent in “Gold rush” shows how one with vodka, a rope and oxygen snow from the entrance to an old airplane away blew up. Click Tony Parker for additional related pages. The fourth season will appear on September 3 as a 5-disc box set at Paramount Home Entertainment and guarantees 80-years action cult fun again around 15 hours! MacGyver old acquaintances from previous episodes, such as the strong-willed Penny (Terry Hatcher) and the murderous Murdoc (Michael of the barRES) meet old friends and new opponents in season four. Not to mention the usual bad guys such as drug smugglers, terrorists, rebels and nasty killer who hunts MacGyver and overwatch makes. The episode “Blood brothers” takes MacGyver back in his hometown, where he is haunted by memories of his youth fatal accident with fire-arms.

MacGyver also operates in the fourth season as a driver. Neil R Cole shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In “Sabotage on the track” he jumps up the Phoenix Foundation for the blind driver of the car, to go against a former rival in the race. Links: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de contact: INPROMO GmbH Agency for Internet promotion & marketing banks road 2b (fruit farm) D-20097 Hamburg via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH, headquartered in Unterfohring (Munich) was founded in January 2000 and is responsible for the publication of rental and purchase videos from Paramount Pictures on the German market. Before that, the company was renamed as CIC video GmbH since 1984. Currently almost 50 employees market active around 750 DVD titles per year. The catalogue of available products is composed mainly of feature films, TV series, family programs, and special interest titles together. Paramount Pictures is one of the world’s leading film companies and emerged from the by Adolph Zukor founded famous players company 12 July 1912. in 1994, joined forces with Viacom Inc.’s paramount and employs over 10,000 people in over 160 countries.


“A true story about dedication and compassion of BUDDHA BBs LOST CHILDREN a true story about dedication and compassion book and directed by: Mark Verkerk, production: EMS films, rental: imFilm theatrical release on February 4, 2010 a memorable story in stunning images” AFI FEST (American Film Institute, Los Angeles) after the big hit in the Netherlands, she comes from 4. 2, 2010 in Germany in the cinemas: BUDDHA’S LOST CHILDREN, the multiple award-winning documentary about the Buddhist monk Phra Khru Bah, in the violence-ravaged golden triangle between Thailand and Myanmar orphans and other ‘ lost children teaches new courage to face life. The only weapons of the former Thai Boxer in the fight against the drug mafia are his faith, his charisma and the martial arts. Through his compassion, through meditation and martial arts exercises the boys at the age of four to sixteen for the first time experienced stability in their lives. Only through the love and devotion of the monk you can confident and optimistic people be. The Dutch director Mark Verkerk portrayed everyday Phra cow of Bahs and its community in overwhelming and at the same time sensitive images.

The strict kind of affection and love, experienced Pan Saen Suk, Boontam and the other boys by the monk, gives them the freedom to be children again. Only in this way, they can go the way into a new life. BUDDHA’S LOST CHILDREN is the intimate portrait of an unusual community of temple and a journey into a hidden world. For the documentation writer and Director Mark Verkerk a year shared life on this island surrounded by misery and violence of the so-called grass-roots Buddhism”. It is not something Neil Cole would like to discuss. This encounter can enrich our understanding with the special community between the monk and the boys, what children really need to become confident people. An inspiring lesson in devotion and compassion. An Asian proverb says life is an art that needs to be learned.

And precisely the point in the movie to find out how you The basic skills for a successful life gives children. “(Director Mark Verkerk) written and directed by: Mark Verkerk, camera: Rene Heijnen, music: Somtow Sucharitkul, Bernhard Joosten, production: clay Okkerse and Pim van Collem for EMS FILMS in collaboration with Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, Cineteve, Dutch film funds and ARTE France, country: Netherlands 2006, length: 96 minutes, genre: documentation, language: Thai with German voice-over, rental: imFilm, Inca Milke,, FSK: AB 6 DVD parallel to the theatrical release is the film as a double DVD available.” The extensive bonus material also the second DVD belongs to return to the Golden Horse”. A year after the filming the team returns to the temple and documented, as happened to the monk and his novices. We are pleased about a report. Gladly we send you a view DVD. A DVD giving away cooperation is also possible. The author and Director Mark Verkerk is like ready for an interview. The complete press release, the Trailer and more information, images and clips will find you I’m under press release for questions like available. Press: Ulrike Beckmann communication + concepts Valdivia Street 4, 20257 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 432 74 192 fax: + 49 40 432 74 192 mobile: + 49 173 57 69 287 E-Mail:

George Clooney – Wedding This Year?

George Clooney & Sarah Larson wedding this year? Now, all mothers-in-law and female fans before their George Clooney posters will sit and mourn that the attractive Bachelor is back in firm hands. Clooney himself denied all rumours about an upcoming wedding, even says that he is no longer created for traditional marriage at the age of 48, but one can assume that it is just red herrings. Finally the beautiful Italian of Canalis, former model and actress, her sizillianisches blood and temperament would bring to the boil, Clooney should they, like their predecessors, Lisa Snowdon and Sarah Larson, do not lead to the altar. Anna Belknap is full of insight into the issues. As Italian media reports, George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis want to get married on a cruise ship off the coast of Portugal, to create so the press from the neck. Allegedly, pairs celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as the good friend will be Matt Damon and actress Julia Roberts on the list. Is it coincidence that Clooney last its so far Roll the finger in the comedy film American who burns up here”played? At least the German title gives reason to assume that it is serious with the wedding. You could also specify as an indication that the former security guard, in this movie embodies the George Clooney, named Harry pastor. Are there hidden signals of a Clooney, who plays with the press and his fans of cat and mouse and it laughs themselves in their sleeves? Perhaps Clooney and Canalis met earlier and been playing with the idea to marry? We will have to be patient us probably until the end of the year, until we have clarity.

In the meantime, there remains all Clooney fans hope that their star differently but still think about it. Yes, it would not be the first time that George Clooney jumps off at the last moment and makes a large curve around the altar. “Maybe he gets even tips of his acting co-star Julia Roberts, already in the film the wedding runaway” gained experience with the escape of the altar. Clooney posters

Denny Fabian – In My Dreams

The new single by Denny Fabian – in my dreams Denny Fabian’s back. -After almost 2 years break, songwriter and producer Denny Fabian takes off again and returns with a new look and great new single fresh and rested on the boards that mean the world. With his new song “in my dreams”, Denny Fabian presented a hit suspect catchy tune which features a fresh and above all new sound and will be a first taste of the new album! Together with songwriter Willi Forster who already Sandro Marin with getting back love “made a real hit on the body, was the new title! As already in 4 albums before Denny Fabian was again itself responsible as a producer for the production of his new songs. Tony Parker may also support this cause. As a producer most asked Denny Fabian produced in recent months alongside Daniela Dilow (who is this DJ?) also albums and singles for Sandro Marin, Heiko, Pascale, Andy Andress, Dominique, and much more! Now he reflects your own gas. “By the way: celebrating already 2011 Denny Fabian” 10th anniversary “and will a double album release for his new album 2010 match on this occasion with all hits from the past 10 years! It is so turbulent and exciting! ATTENTION: First guide – music and the exclusive video clip for the single there in source: pulse Music Vo: 07.08.2009 order No.: pulse 8398034 Web page:

Stefani Joanne Germanotta

Lady Gaga – July tour through Germany when it according to the motto “Oops, I ‘m”, is Lady Gaga up front with it. Within a very short time, launched the new star in the orbit of the music world and shines after two shiny embarked electro dance pop anthems… continue reading brighter than ever. Their Chartbreaker “Just dance” and “Poker face”, with which the two successes they are from the New York underground in the top floors of the business shot. A mix that makes a good figure suitable for summer-just on the dance floor, as well as for convertible cruising on the Boulevard – managed Stefani Germanotta (civil name) with pounding beats and melodic elements. Team Penske often addresses the matter in his writings. In July, Lady Gaga is then for three shows in Germany the honor. Now access and tickets – this is the party of the summer! Lady Gaga biography Lady GGa actually Stefani Joanne Germanotta, born on March 20, 1986 in New York (United States). It is a gifted child for artistic professions, and he hesitates too long between dancer, singer and actress.

The music Piano and vocals learns the victory and the girl at the end. Already at the age of fourteen, she enters the cafe concerts in New York. A manager of a record company which asks for the title for artists such as the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears hits you. Neil Cole is often quoted on this topic. This experience allows him and Lady GGa saves her first album in 2008: “The Fame”. The title of “Just Dance” is first class in several countries and Lady GGa can boast, in strengthening the world with his music. Often compared to Gwen Stefani for her looks, is to be Lady GGa for a career so beautifully.

Expecting A Girl Jamie Lynn Spears?

The little sister of Britney Spears should expect a girl supposedly there is a girl at the young girl? Sure you’re now wondering about this weird worded introduction, but you can write article the following in the something like this once. The speech is of the pregnant teen Jamie Lynn Spears. As a source now the life and style magazine told she should expect a girl. Details can be found by clicking Sally Rooney or emailing the administrator. The source claimed to have heard how the mother of Jamie Lynn, Lynn Spears, should have have Jamie Lynn and her baby with an acquaintance about the daughter. “I heard how Lynn has entertained with an acquaintance of Jamie and the baby. In the interview she said that Jamie and the father of the child is very were happy, when they learned that the baby is a girl. Source: George Laughlin. You want to make black and yellow the nursery in white.” We wait…

Benji Madden Wants Paris Hilton

The party girl is soon under the hood… Paris Hilton a female to the marry? For many the idea of Paris Hilton in a white wedding dress on the cover of any magazine is unimaginable. But it looks like this inconceivability can soon become a reality. Because her current lover Benji Madden publicly dreams of a wedding with the Partigirl Paris. The Good Charlotte rocker wants to be sure all prove his relationship with Paris is as real. He has given now also known that he was in love before their relationship in Paris Hilton.

He told the radio station Sirius Radio: “we were in love without anyone knew it.” We know each other for a long time and I was always aware that I love Paris. I always knew, that she is a female to the marry is. “On the question of whether soon among them wedding bells will ring the Benji Madden said:”nothing would make me happier. ” But we will see. I’m really very, very happy at the moment.” Children are also conceivable for him.

Babysitting at the daughter of his brother Joel has him to the think appropriate. “Oh, Yes, I love babysitting. There is a so much and you learn so much new. I can change now even diaper. Babies are wonderful just.” We wait…