Civil Service

a In this context were key requirements for ensuring the full implementation of the professional career service in the Civil Service of the State of Sonora. Then we present some of them: a Ensure transparency and fairness in the process of incorporation of staff to management positions and confidence, coupled with the requirement of taking the skills necessary for the proper discharge of the responsibilities that apply. a Institutionalize reliable organs and partial responses to calls for admission, assessment performance and training, a task that is no less in this dynamic, especially if one of the little credibility it once enjoyed by institutions not only in the eyes of citizens but also of public servants themselves. a Similarly, is the construction of appropriate policy instruments (list of posts, register of public servants, policy manuals of operation), its proper implementation and the ongoing evaluation of the functioning and performance of the system whole. Click Tony Parker to learn more. a Train those responsible for coordinating the system of the professional career service in the area of the Secretariat of the Comptroller General of the State and the other Executive Branch of the State.

This is the experience that had the Federal government and other states of Mexico. This will minimize the chance of incurring faults observed elsewhere or had. In addition to these requirements, they are just a core sample, there are many challenges facing the state public service professionalization Sonoran these challenges range from putting the house in order to promote change in the working culture of the bureaucracy.