Opening Of New Knowledge Base World Of Warcraft

The library has collected a complete description of classes, races, skills proffesy and much more about World of Warcraft. WoWDATA.ORG.UA – it complete assembly of information about Russian games. For example on request you can find the flaws and preimuschistvami favorite classes: Tauren – big, bestial creatures who live in the desert regions of Kalimdor. Their lives dedicated service to nature and respect the balance between wildlife and the restless elementals. Despite his height and physical strength, lifestyle Tauren very calm and peacefulness.

Ho, however, being involved in conflict, Tauren are terrible enemies to those who dare to throw them vyzov.Ih Tauren leader by the name of Bloodhoof. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Spurs has to say. or: Orcs – one of the many races of Azeroth. According to popular belief, they are cruel and stupid, not experiencing a drop of pity or compassion toward other people are rasam.Oni brutal race of green-skinned, muscular warrior. However, until the curse imposed by the Burning Legion on this race, the Orcs were wise race with developed traditions shamanstva.V Unlike humans, orcs prefer attacking style of combat. Typically, they collect a large army and attacked full force of his opponent, caring little about protecting their own land.

As all other races, Orcs are great warriors. or: Stubborn People inhabiting Stormwind (Stormwind), – those who survived the invasion of the savage Orcs during the First War. During the Second War, Stormwind Army teamed up with Alliance forces to regain their homeland of Azeroth (Azeroth). Upon successful completion of the Second War, Stormwind was rebuilt and the southern lands again beginning to flourish, human civilization. After the last invasion Burning Legion, which left the northern kingdom in ruins, Stormwind was the last bastion of the People. Racial Bonuses: Vigilance (Perception) – active. Activate to increase the radius of detecting hidden objects limit of 10 yards. 20 seconds, 3 minutes cooldown; Spirit of the nation (The Human Spirit) – passive. The increase in the Spirit (Spirit) 5%; Diplomacy (Diplomacy) – passive. Increases of 10% received all the reputation points; Master the sword and mace (Sword and Mace Specialization) – passive. People get +5 skill with the sword and mace.


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