Brady Corporation

August 1, 2007 Brady Corporation has introduced a new material to control the opening and the warranty label B-367. This label material based on polypropylene, leaving a unique imprint of the trace when you try to remove (eg logo, special warnings, instructions, etc.). Level of growing competition in the domestic market, high specific proportion of counterfeit products impose stringent requirements on the product and Protection own brand. Control label, a new development corporation Brady, allow effective solutions to protect products from counterfeiting and invalid warranty return. Standard control label is usually produced traces of VOID and chess figure.

Control Label B-367 – a material with unique design of the customer, providing an additional level of privacy control label. Drawing text on top layer labels from the material B-367 carried out by thermal transfer printing. In accordance with the spectrum of tasks of the application of control materials are extremely broad: to ensure control of opening the product casing in the instrument, the label with the serial number for mobile phones, inventory labels in warehouse operations, identification of any equipment for leasing companies, warranty service. Label Material B-367 – an ideal solution for controlling the sealing packaging in all industries and logistics. This decision marking represents an opportunity to minimize costs expensive security systems that provide control over the opening of packages and suppression of theft.

Properties of the material: polypropylene film allows you to label materials "adapted" by surface, it is easy to apply them on the edges and corners of package / product. Standard color material B-367 – white or silver, at the request of the customer may be any color solutions. Technological feature of control materials Brady: you can create from the figure is very small. Text height – from 1.25 mm. The unique technological properties of the material – not the only differences from the existing analogues. Production of Brady allows for a much smaller minimum order of labels B-367, than any other manufacturer of such labels. When working with other suppliers manufacturer label with the order followed will require additional charges adjustment of equipment to create a unique figure that, for labels Brady B-367 does not need an expensive setup, it saves the budget. BRADY materials meet all necessary international regulatory requirements and EC directives RoHS, has been tested for compliance with UL.