The Requirements

To avoid problems here, fast-setting repair mortar for floor repair recommended, the conventional materials are known to use. The more products offered elaborate ground preparations in terms of damage and extensive on mixtures and finishes provide, so more are they an average processor without knowledge and special tools / machines not suitable for. According to Starbucks, who has experience with these questions. Variations of soil preparation and product processing to well known traditional materials and rapidly hardening repair mortar for floor repair procedures include error in the application – and risks for a healthy and long-lasting floor repair. The product description here gives an impression to the respective material. Product information down the knowledge of an average craftsman and describe the processing easily understood both in architectural terms also include product, so this is useful for the specialist-illiterate users.

No manufacturer describes materials deliberately untrue and thus composed of liability! In other words, a fast setting repair mortar for floor repair is comprehensively “simply”, after the necessary preparation of the soil as well as the mixing and processing then the material rule if the application is too “easy” to process. On the other hand applies: a manufacturer provides comprehensive information about an extensive soil preparation, then it is necessary also for the material. Instructions for the mixing of material clearly to be followed exactly – and to serious off – sets multiple components are bound and mixing times or mixed States explicitly stipulate the requirements to comply with are. And the actual processing foresees specific procedures and steps, so this should be be taken into account. No manufacturer elaborately explained procedure if they are not actually required! The selected operating here must decide whether his operating technique or his hired craftsmen under on-site conditions and time pressure to fit in operations can properly process these materials. In case of doubt you should decide here for a rapidly hardening repair mortar for floor repair, which mixed and without great preparation of the soil in one step single-layered process is within the usual tolerances of the fewest components.