IPad Entertainment

No doubt the gadget that will mark trend in the coming months, perhaps years, is the Apple iPad that has been presented recently. As with all releases of the company directed by Steve Jobs, its presentation has been controversial. There is who has seen in it, finally, the contraption integrator of the laptop, ebooks reader, media player and the tablet. (Source: Sela Ward). Who is only sees a new gadget aimed at home users more whimsical which is capable of doing several things without a very specific purpose. Something that we can not deny him Apple is its commitment and capacity for innovation in each of their products. sights. The legendary motto of Jobs only can launch products that we are sure that the user is going to fall in love., there is no doubt that the Apple company is at the forefront of design, usability and ergonomics, marking a reference and stratospheric distance with respect to the rest. IPad meets again with these attributes. Touch soft, lightweight and with a sense of fragility, It presents some characteristics that were already on the iPod Touch and to which was hitherto star product from Apple, the iPhone.

For the most critical, this new appliance is only a version advanced and enlarged an iPod Touch that keeps constraints characteristic of the closure which often accuse Apple. Applications can not be installed, does not allow execution of Adobe Flash, comes without web camera and the possibilities of Internet connection available. For the unconditional, puts a personal desktop that allows you to perform almost all the tasks of electronic entertainment that currently exist in the hands of the user: electronic reading, games, photography, watching movies, email and social networks as they will not always, be neither journalists, developers, neither critics nor the gurus of technology who decide if the iPad is a success or a failure. We will be with our purchases users who will decide if Apple has once again nailing the arrow in the Apple. Don’t forget that all new technology needs to be supported by a good service. The string K-Tuin offers the best Apple technical support through its website and more than one dozen stores open throughout Spain.