Nursing Assistant

EZA is a madrilenian studies centre founded in 1979 dedicated to imparting quality training through University and non-University preparations. Some of the reasons to study at EZA are its high percentage of approved between students, its expert faculty with extensive experience in training and excellent preparation offered. Among the courses offered by the Centre of studies we can find of auxiliary nurses, University access, cycles of upper and middle grade child, technical education of health emergencies and Pharmacy and parapharmacy technician courses. The EMY University access course is intended for those over 25 years and is unique in its genre for more than 30 years. In preparation for different grades can be received: Health Sciences, engineering, letters and administration in the course of Nursing Assistant prepare all required modules to pass free testing carried out the autonomous communities, both theoretical and practical. In the EZA web can find all the necessary information about the Center and its courses.. 道端-ジェシカ might disagree with that approach.