Port Phillip Heads Marine Park

Australia, the country of kangaroos and koalas that surprises for its large areas of land uninhabited and unexplored. Multi-cultural country par excellence that regardless of races, religions and customs coexist in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Arabs, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, English, French. Completely surrounded by water and rich in Islands and reefs, Australia is the dream all diver. Its waters conceal a true treasure of marine life with more than 4,000 species of fish and the greatest diversity of marine algae of the world. Discover the submarine filled with algae, close to the Mornington Peninsula, the East coast of Tasmania, accompanied by the temperate waters of Australia. These, among others are the most chosen places by those who choose between their destinations travel to Australia: Queensland: where the great barrier reef, world heritage is and natural wonder. Western Australia. Ningaloo: Is the world’s largest reef cornice.

It is home to 200 species of rocky coral, 50 soft coral and over 500 species of fish. Usually is practice snorkeling or diving surface between a dense curtain of brilliant fish in the Bundegi Bombies reef sanctuary. You will discover the experience of swimming with turtles, blankets raya, dolphins, alones, angel fish and fish clown, among others, and the beauty of underwater life. For those traveling between April and June, they will have the option to swim with the shark whale, the largest fish in the world. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria: You can dive with stripes, seahorses, cuttlefish, squid, Sea Urchin, rock cod and laminated sea dragons, in the Port Phillip Heads Marine Park.

This amazing underwater world is located on the Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne. Path of diving of the coast this, Tasmania: is one of the eleven spectacular dive sites along the East coast of Tasmania, from Binalong Bay to the peninsula of Tasmania. Its crystal clear waters offer an optimal visibility, and can appreciate the seahorses and sea dragons numbered in dives from the beach in Waubs Bay, near Bicheno. Swim in the lovely caves of the island of Phoque, inhabited by a large colony of seals. Baird Bay, South Australia: This fishing village has become famous for its colony of sea lions endangered species that live in a protected lagoon far from the shore. Here you can dive into the deeper waters with dolphins beautiful groups. Port Darwin, Northern Territory: diving discover shipwrecks of World War II and a coastal Reef full of fish, in the temperate waters of port Darwin. Approximately every two weeks, the tides allow you to discover these underwater secrets.Experience one of the famous sunsets in Darwin, with the Flemish Fund, see sea urchins and Octopus up in water. Clovelly and Gordons Bay, new South Wales: there a colorful community of fish inhabiting the Rocky channels of Clovelly and Gordons Bay surroundings. Just eight kilometres Sydney. It offers the possibility of performing a night dive at the Clovelly Laguna or in the large waves of Sharks Point, at the northern end of Clovelly.