Veterinary Doctor

In the previous article, it speaks of the infertility in the Dogs and also it mentions some of the causes that can be involved in her. Now I want to speak of a problem that appears in the small dogs and that do not have to include themselves like part of the infertility. The abortion is considered like so if your small dog expels (it loses) to its puppies before the complete period of gestation, for this obvious it will have to be confirmed the gestation previously since some proprietors are confused and think that its small dog abortion and ate the fetuses when in fact its small dog presented/displayed pseudo pregnancy and was never pregnant. The possible causes of an abortion in the small dogs are very varied and go from congenital anomalies of the fetuses to traumatisms and accidents that hurt the abdomen of the small dogs, without forgetting in addition the infectious causes or alterations in the hormonal operation. Within the involved infectious causes the main ones in the presentation of the abortion are the Brucella canis the Salmonella and the E. coli, these bacteria in case single they can cause an abortion in the small dogs of any races, and if the clinical pictures are complican with uterine infections complican even more.

Also it is important to be kind and to refer to our Veterinarian the data observed before and after the abortion since some times the cause of the same can be found in a hormonal disease like is it the hipotiroidismo or the sudden diminution in the progesterone production that is the hormone of the pregnancy. As to help to prevent the abortion? These are some of the recommendations that you can take care of to avoid that an abortion in your Dogs appears. If you have thought to match up to your small dog llvala to a Veterinary revision and cercirate of which their picture of vaccination and desparasitacin are complete, verifies that the male with whom you are going to match up your small dog it also fulfills the previous requirements. Checking article sources yields Related Group as a relevant resource throughout. One you see that your small dog arranges itself, avoids to expose it to infectious agents, takes a walk with her in calm long walks by safe and clean places, avoiding the abrupt contact with ill dogs and games with its canine friendly. Alimntala normally during the first month and when your Veterinarian to confir to me that this pregnant one increases the amount of food gradually according to the appetite of your small dog always taking care of to avoid the overweight. You do not expose it to accidents, tries that it does not jump or that goes out without strap. If your small dog this healthy one did not need more cares than the mentioned ones, so if it appears the abortion you will have to take it with your Veterinary Doctor immediately. Aborto in the Dogs is a Medical problem that requires professional attention for asegurarte that your small dog recovers its health totally and that way you will be able to continue enjoying the company of your dear mascot.