Natasha School

As he grew older, despite being still a child, he developed various theories to attract the love of his mother, but when put into practice, gave no result. He continued with these efforts until late adolescence in which finally withdrew its commitment, with deep sadness and feeling very frustrated at not having succeeded. Perhaps check out Brenda Barrett for more information. While finishing the final year of primary school, prepared to take the entrance exam to high school. He did it without the help of a teacher, only a few used to ask some questions to his brother, who constantly explaining with precision, warmth and simplicity. His brother always showed that he loved and tried to compensate for the attitude of the mother, making great acclaim with their achievements. When I taught something and she learned quickly, he made her feel it was very smart. Somehow, this attitude of the brother he was creating a certain sense of self that could never have achieved without this unconditional support, and luckily the position of his mother did not break.

The day she presented to the review and approved it without any difficulty, which would be met from that moment and forever, your soul mates, Natasha and Gladys. All three had finished high school in mind to continue studying medicine. The three were quite studious and shy and had very similar tastes in common for music and hobbies. A much liked any sports, or go dancing and instead spent hours doing crosswords and used to frequently play scrabble * when they met at the home of any of them.