Krav Maga

Krav Maga as body combat body combat body to body is the phase most advanced of the Krav Maga who teaches as neutralize an opponent quickly and effectively. They encompass elements related to the current conception of combat: tactics, feints, powerful combinations and different attacks, psychological aspects of combat, and learn how to use the elements that surround the practitioner of Krav Maga in a specific location to look for the advantage. Moreover, as a common aspect to these two facets that have been exposed, Krav Maga incorporates a special system of training, not only in the physical development of the student, but also in the mental discipline of the same to strengthen its spirit and develop the ability to act in violent confrontations with high levels of stress. Krav Maga is not another style of martial arts, composed of traditional and sophisticated, movements and has no forms or combinations of preset techniques, as in traditional systems. It is a modern method which is characterised by employing the logical path more easy and natural, to defend using simple and natural movements of the human body, which allow you to one achieved a relatively high level of efficiency in a short period of instruction.

His techniques are quick and conclusive. The lethal nature of Krav Maga simulates the real-life situation. It teaches practitioners such as saving his life and as emerge unharmed from situations violent street. To be cash may not include rules or limitations, there is no sporting competitions that is intended for use in actual combat. Anything goes to defend themselves and repel an aggression.

As summary present the basic principles of Krav Maga: the basic objective of Krav Maga is the defense staff, avoid injury. Krav Maga techniques are used as an extension of the natural reflexes of the body, and using natural movements. To defend and counterattack should employ the most simple and direct way possible. The response to the aggression must be suitable to the circumstances of the attack, avoiding unnecessary injury. You must use any item or instrument available nearby for the defense. There are no rules. The practitioner of Krav Maga is not limited by the rules and employs to defend any resource (even yelling, spitting, pretend panic, etc) all these factors make Krav Maga, the method of defence that has grown in recent years, and with more projection of growth in the next, mainly due to its simplicity, logic and ease of learning and of course its recognized efficacy. more information in original author and source of the article.