New Office

emarsys, leading provider of email marketing services and solutions is pleased to announce the opening of a new Office in Istanbul. Vienna, may 2012: As the market leader in Turkey, has emarsys his business expanded and opened the first local branch in Istanbul; in this way, the ever-growing number of Turkish customers is supported in the future even better. Already, emarsys provides five out of ten eCommerce leading of the country with eMarketing solutions; the new local presence will strengthen the position of the company and enable even greater growth. Turkey in terms of e-commerce and digital marketing of one of the most interesting countries at all is thanks to a young population, the intensive use of online payment services and an excellent infrastructure for broadband and mobile Internet. any/14275793.html’>Arena Investors. Alex Timlin, Director says new markets at emarsys,: our customers are due to our expertise in the field of email deliverability (in particular for Hotmail, Gmail, and mynet) to us, but also because of our innovative approach in eMarketing campaigns and social media marketing. We glad to help our existing and future customers more to retain their own customers and using the unique range of emarsys even more effective.” Companies, which already cooperate in Turkey with emarsys include among others Markafoni, Grupfoni, Gittigidiyor, Kariyer.NET, Grupanya, Mechanist and CicekSepti as well as emerging, fast growing eCommerce companies from the fields of fashion retail, group purchase, private shopping and travel deals. The 5 billion, emarsys shipped in the month, 800 million by Turkish customers to send messages. Aman Dotani, COO, and UK Managing Director at emarsys, adds: Turkey is a key market for emarsys. We are very happy, thanks to the opening of a local Office better go our existing customers to hand and introduce future customers to new and exciting email marketing technologies to be able to. Go to Ken Kao for more information. Nothing pleasure us more than to help our customers, to achieve profits in the growing eCommerce market and to increase their online sales by campaigns in the areas of email, mobile, and social media marketing.

Original BALL Man SANGRIA Comes…

Munich company receives Ballermann trademark license for Sangria BALL man Germany’s Party and event brand No. 1 SANGRIA awarded the exclusive license rights for the original BALL man internationally active family-owned company BINDERER St. URSULA Weinkellerei GmbH from Munich to the. It’s BALL man and SANGRIA! The BALL man the party brand SANGRIA complements his commitment in the beverage sector. Only a few weeks ago “Ballermann” has returned very successfully the party fun in the 20 ml vial with the BALL man of short TRIPS – in the trade.

The company BINDERER St. URSULA completes the family shooter – brand licensee ( with the next BALL man SANGRIA and advanced cross-industry cross-promotion-marketing the Ballermann brand (phonogram, parties and events, spirits, TV shows, radio broadcasts, record label, merchandising, party trips, etc). Different than the relevant TV programmes in the private TV like to believe want to make, the brand of BALL man and your rights are BALL man parties, original not for “booze”, but for the cross-generational party fun you can experience together with old and new friends. “It is just great”, according to a spokesman of the Ballermann trademark owner (A. Engelhardt brand concepts GmbH from the Grosskarolinenfeld, Bavaria,), “when hundreds of fans (co -) sing the same song, and have fun together. What could be nicer than?” As well as the miniature spirit BALL man of short TRIPS, is also the BALL man SANGRIA parties of well known event brand in Germany are the cult drink on all real and official BALL man. The original with the original!

Freddie Mac

Loan modification Obama loan modification programs, federal loan modification program homeowners thinking of loan modification can look forward to a modified mortgage loans on properties of primary residence. People who are close to bankruptcy but are not aware of it can take timely action. They can qualify for a loan modification program. Excessive debts arising out of excessive credit are the main cause of defaults requiring debt counseling to be a necessity for a smarter future decisions. Loans store offers professional help to get the lowest Council on loan modification loans with affordable repayment plan and terms that give you the needed to repay without pressure time. To avoid foreclosures plan is a $75-billion the Obama loan modification programs and keep their homes with mortgage refinance. A number of mortgage servicers can help by providing a network of mortgage specialists. These specialists would help homeowners in qualifying for the making home affordable program benefits and comply with the government required guidelines.

The home affordable modification program: Home affordable modification program can give you the necessary support you need to put your finances back in order while you deal with the recession. The main eligibility is that the loan should be before the year of 2009 you can get reduction in the interest rate, a lower monthly payment and the possibility of forbearance or forgiveness of past due payments. Reductions of the principal and waiver of late fees help homeowners no longer fear foreclosures. The Bank of America loan modification of a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac owned loan would benefit from a lower interest rate by Bank of America loan modification. H omeowners with reduced home equity values and who cannot refinance conventionally would benefit from this scheme. Homeowners who are current with their mortgage payments can get timely help to better terms and prevent foreclosure on their home. The new plan are at risk for borrowers whose mortgage payments are more than 38% of their income. The lenders get incentives under the program to help reduce these payments to 31% of the income.

The federal loan modification program aims to provide homeowners a long term commitment for economic betterment, and not a one step solution to home mortgage loan problem. Loan modification companies can provide attorney support for expert legal advice to qualify for the right mortgage plan. Calendar prefer most to avoid the burden of a property as a liability and negotiate with the borrower to change the terms of the mortgage in order that homeowners continue their mortgages. The federal loan modification program aims to provide homeowners a long term commitment for economic betterment, and not a one step solution to home mortgage loan problem. Loan modification companies can provide attorney support for expert legal advice to qualify for the right mortgage plan. Calendar prefer most to avoid the burden of a property as a liability and negotiate with the borrower to change the terms of the mortgage in order that homeowners continue their mortgages.

Infoday Leadership Training

Workshops with horses as an assistant coach are really effective or just a nice outdoor event? Missing certification of international federations have meant that transformed leadership training with horses at a nice outdoor event. Sabine Ludwig and Karen Gerlach of horse guided experience this development contrary to act and want to bring their info day the seriousness and sustainability this coaching method, executives. Unconventional methods are popular in the area of the development of executives. This includes, for example, the leadership training with horses, which has taken a permanent place in the personal development market. Other horses serve as in classical management training in this method as an assistant coach. Whenever Vanessa Marcil listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The fact that horses reflect a totally objective reflection of trafficking of people, these feedback of a quite different kind. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kevin Ulrich. The clear, direct and unvarnished feedback of the four-legged reveals strengths and weaknesses in the behavior of executives in an impressive manner on. Due to the success of this method, numerous seminar providers concentrate now on this form of coaching.

Training models are offered by some companies as a franchise system. Virtually anyone can buy the concept of Pferdecoachings in license and independently carry out training. The question whether such offers of a sustainable and effective personality development of executives meet the really arises at the latest at this point. Sabine on Ludwig and Karen Gerlach of horse guided experience provide information on July 7, 2009 on an info day in new stone. Both coaches conduct seminars on your farm in the hamlet of Raboldshausen years GmbH. Sabine Ludwig and Karen Gerlach blame five key points for a successful coaching: a systemic approach a protected working environment for the coaching used horses the personal monitoring before, during and after the training, and perform without event character background of their invitation is it opportunities and To learn more about risks of this effective method.

Box-spring Beds For Hotels With Love To Detail

Fey & co. Ken Kao has much experience in this field. is quality-oriented production the Westphalian company Fey & co. deals since 1926 with the development of high-quality mattresses and for some time also very specifically with box-spring beds for hotels. As with all products, the quality is also here. Therefore, the beds are made with great attention to detail and have seven zones: main construction of every bed is made of solid, glued pine wood. The mattress core in the form of the well-proven, 4-gang BONELL spring system is mounted on the frame. It is a cushion carrier, on which rests a foam plate, which ensures an optimal body adjustment.

The head part (for the Grande Comfort model) receives a special stability by padding with a solid foam plate and verstepptem fabric. The top layer of a box spring bed forms a Topper with high-quality, 5 cm strong LTeX core, which provides additional sleeping comfort. Its cover is made of a durable double cloth. Particularly important for the hygiene factor: The reference balancing climate provides a good moisture transport, so that no unpleasant welding deposits form in the mattress. A plus of cleanliness by the washability of the certified according to okotex standard cover with guaranteed up to 60. re information. Fey & co. Description of company deals since 1926 as a quality manufacturer of mattresses and slatted frames with anything other than the good night’s sleep – for a pain-free back and optimal performance. A rested team and cooperation with science and research, such as the Institute of ergonomics in Munich, ensures constant innovation and a high quality of the bedding.

Managing Director Jochen Brinkmann engaged also as Chairman of the Board in the specialist mattress industry association companies contact: Fey & co. GmbH & co. KG A. Bergmann of 90,000 str.

Winery Springfontein

The first star restaurant, which changes Schriesheim, the continent December 19, 2012. When award-winning wines and gourmet cuisine meet in an old farmhouse in South Africa, one may expect culinary of extravaganza. “Next year, it is so far: at the winery Springfontein, approximately one and a half hours by car from Cape Town, Springfontein eats arises”. Jurgen and Susanne Schneider a German chef and a wine academic leave the Strahlenberger Hof in Schriesheim 2012 at the turn of the year are behind the ambitious project of gastronomy. 13 Years in a row they had there a Michelin star. 2013 it will be exported to South Africa”.

In fact restaurant on Star, lodge with luxury suites, it attracts the experienced restaurateur pair on the South coast of South Africa, in the wine-growing district Walker Bay, barely five miles from the Atlantic Ocean away. Here at Stanford, near Hermanus, make their dream come true the Schneiders and build something new again. There they operate together with friends since 1996 Winery Springfontein, whose Weine today international recognition. And is there a restaurant at Star level currently being built in a restored 200-year old farmhouse. Author has firm opinions on the matter. A lodge with seven luxurious suites Additionally, built according to ecological principles. We are the first star restaurant, which changes the continent”, says Susanne Schneider, wine expert and currently hostess at the Strahlenberger Hof in Schriesheim. While there are no star for the cuisine in South Africa, but the claim that keep track of the Schneiders, remains the same. The ambitious understanding of wine, you feel obliged to the winery Springfontein, want to complement a corresponding gastronomy.

Maximum product quality combined with craftsmanship passion is on the agenda. Jurgen Schneider puts natural cuisine that combines local products with the creativity of a star chef fresh on the menu. Until in October 2013 Springfontein eats”its doors and pots, opens, is still a lot to do. The planning and construction is in full swing. Mid-January, just in time to harvest on Springfontein, Jurgen and Susanne Schneider in their new home arrive and start locally. Finally is the destination to find its proper place in the future also in the relevant South African food and wine guides. Social commitment is passion for the Schneiders also in other respects: on-site at Stanford, they want to offer not only a first class cuisine, but create jobs for locals and establish a dual training along German lines. The pair of restaurateurs has already trained over 60 young people in his career and gives not only the tools but above all the joy of the profession. Targeted training programs for black South Africans should be created at Stanford now. We want to give disadvantaged people through employment hope, self-esteem and a new perspective”, says Jurgen Schneider.

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative Program Will Help You Foreclosure!

Home affordable foreclosure alternative program, the home affordable modification program, home affordable foreclosure alternative foreclosure is troubling everyone, if you too are facing the same problem than home affordable foreclosure alternative program, HUD approved housing counselor can help you to find the best solution for your problem. Further details can be found at Sela Ward, an internet resource. They might help you to get approved for Obama home loan modification or any other home affordable foreclosure alternative programs to avoid foreclosure. Foreclosure is troubling everyone, if you too are facing the same problem than HUD approved housing counselor can help you to find the solution for your problem the best. They might help you to get approved for Obama home loan modification or any other home affordable foreclosure alternative programs to avoid foreclosure. The main thing of concern is to do the homework on time and get the air cleared.

If a person is facing foreclosure than he should first qualify for the home affordable modification program and take advantage of the situation. The mortgage modification program is sponsored by the government and it’s a free program to assist all the homeowners who are under troubled conditions and are facing problem. In this program, the debtor works with the banking calendar who so participate in the program and lower the amount of the principal balance of the loan. The interest rate of the loan is lowered and the length of the loan term is extended further. With all these, the monthly payment is lower down. The interest rate is lowered down depending on the income and other factors. There are different loan modification program available in the market, Bank of America loan modification program is so reliable and helps the homeowner to lower the monthly payments.

One can thus n’attend the local community event program, this is hosted by the government around the country, and this program will therefore help the borrowers to clear their doubts regarding loan modification. There are even free seminar organized by the committee, here you can meet with your lender and permit them to access the information.There are even HUD approved housing counselors available which will help the borrowers with the loan modification issue. There are even home affordable foreclosure alternative available thus people can so take their advantage. Those homeowners who are very near to foreclosure can take advantage of this program. So if you are facing foreclosure than you would be able to save your home with the help of loan modification program. One must be willing to take a step ahead and preparing his start documents; He should’nt so take the initiative to talk with the lenders.