PerezHilton Concert


The singer will come to Spain expressly to sing four songs. Contact information is here: Margaret Loesser Robinson. It will be a private concert and the place and date are unknown. Money can achieve many things, for example, be able to afford your favorite singer to cross the pond only to give a private concert by four songs. That is what it has achieved a Spanish anonymous billionaire, who by a doubtful reasonable price will get Christina Aguilera to sing only for him. The blonde is still very faithful fans who are willing to pay whatever you do lack just by having it close. Aguilera has agreed to fly to Spain to give a unique private concert for a billionaire as the pink blogger PerezHilton has been able to know. The young man has accepted 2.4 million euros that the Spanish was willing to spend to be able to see it. It will be a real lightning trip and almost incognito because that is not given to know the exact date of the trip nor the Spanish city it will go but what is confirmed is that it will be very brief since he will only sing four themes. Let us hope that the fan in question think is very well what you want that Aguilera sing since almost going to exit the concert more than half a million euros per song. Source of the news: A Spanish pay 2.4 million by a concert by Christina Aguilera

Royal Ballet Dancer


The prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet in London thinks on the exaggerations of the Oscar-winning film by Darren Aronofsky. It is an insult to pretend that someone can become first dancer in 12 months. It is impossible to achieve, says red on the protagonist. I was even impossible to see it whole, adds. Swan black, Darren Aronofsky, is back in the focus of the criticism. The first time was when the double of Natalie Portman in the film claimed that the actress had only made 5% of the sequences of dance of the film, which provided the Israeli his first Oscar. Now, the prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet of London, Tamara Rojo confesses in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian that Black Swan not only seems a bad film, but it also contains all possible cliches, and in addition the negative cliches. Aronofsky film tells the story of Nina, an ambitious dancer who becomes the prima ballerina of the Ballet of New York and will make his debut on the stage with a new Assembly of the Swan Lake.

It is a psychological thriller where ambition, paranoia and perfectionism of the protagonist are mixed. For red, the dialogue of the film seems ridiculous, and stories that they develop little credible. I was even impossible to see it whole, was shameful, points out. I know that for some mothers who think of getting their children to ballet, it may be little encouraging, adds the Asturian dancer. Although we had over 200 people at the Opera House (famous theatre shows of London) watching us act motivated by the movie, long term we pay a price why. Exaggerations of the film when it comes to counting the exaggerations about the life of a dancer who portrays Swan black, red indicates that it is not so, if someone makes you work that way, it is better to resign because that is not the path to success. In his opinion, it would have been better that a dancer truly had done the casting of the film.

It is an insult to pretend that someone can become first dancer in 12 months. It is impossible to achieve, he says. About eating disorders afflicting the protagonist played by Portman, red says that people who have eating disorders can have some, but it would be interesting to know if it is the same percentage as the rest of the population, because I believe that it is. Royal Ballet of London source of the news: Tamara Rojo on Black Swan: “Is a film bad with all the possible negative cliches”