The Hue

In the first case at the turn colors feel the rim and the second – he is seen drawing in color, contrasting background color that is close to an additional background color. Simultaneous lightness contrast appears on the dash : achromatic color (gray and white, black and gray), two chromatic and chromatic tsvetov.ahromaticheskogo; If the chromatic background to place a picture with a contrasting background color, the color image as would be added to the contrasting background color and perceived as a new color: a dull red felt exactly like the more intense next to the green, yellow is perceived as more intense close to the blue, purple seems to be more intense near the yellow color and so d.Esli is saturated, it can soften the selection of colors: blue and red would be near the blue, desaturated purple tone dec feeling great richness of another purple tsveta.Eti data can be supplemented following empirical guidelines: color contrast is felt more powerful, more tones vary in lightness and nasyschennosti.pri combination-contrast color saturation decreases their sense of the more than closer to each other, these colors are in the color wheel, the color on a background of contrasting color is perceived as just more intense, a combination of contrasting colors can enhance a sense of mellowness figure; The perception Color affects the level of natural light, but the constancy of perception is retained. Thus, in bright sunshine the ability to distinguish colors, especially warm colors (red, orange), dull. General Electric has similar goals. Day of maximum perceived red tones, at dusk the same sensitivity is reduced in the area of the blue rays (X = 507-510 l, p). At twilight, first "turn gray" and "fades" red, then yellow, later green. Tony Parker has firm opinions on the matter. The blue color does not darken and turn gray, but Conversely, lighten, is seen as close to white.

On a dark background blue colors recede, that is, look more distant from the viewer, located on the side of the light source (blue rays in the spectrum is projected onto the horizontal plane, go into the distance). But on a white background blue tone feels like a closer location to the viewer. Yellow tends to lift as if the surface to make it more voluminous. Yellow, as white, emitted by adjacent colors, reducing them. Purple and dark blue colors – and they tend to visually reduce to the bottom color. The perception of color depends on how far the composition is removed from the viewer. From a distance 500-1000 m perceived only hue from a distance of 50-300 m – Color structure from a distance of 10-50 meters – the color texture of the surface. This context, the hue of a kind color, which is formed of a merger of individual flowers on considerable distance from the object color structure – when clearly visually differentiate only certain colors, and texture – which is clearly visible not only color but also the nature of the surface, its structure.