Cultivation Of Hydroponic Tomatoes

PDF there are various types of modified to resist tomatoes cultivation by hydroponics means. The main advantage of tomatoes is that highly resistant to environment and conditions adverse by what is being sought as the first plants to grow for newbies in hydroponics, in addition many adapted varieties there are couple hydroponic growth. Also by this resistance tomatoes usually occurs in greenhouses commercial level with great success. If your idea is to get started the hydroponics softsynths or want to start a business of tomato production this section will help with some technical aspects of its production and tips for an experience more satisfactory. 1. As germinate seeds of tomatoes or tomatoes. Tomato seed varieties especially you resist to greenhouses, this type of seed is the most recommended for hydroponic systems, talk with your local seed provider for more information on which seed is most suitable for production in greenhouses. Is the procecedimiento of esplantar germination the seeds into cubes of wool industry or in small containers with vermiculite or perlite to initiate germination.

To encourage germination as indicated in the section of seed germination. Let the sprouts 2-3 weeks until the plant height is 8-10 cm. When the germinated tomato has reached recommended size this list to be placed in the hydroponic system or the ground depending on the intention of the person. Growth in hydroponic systems will be discussed in this section. 2. How to transplant the sprouts of tomato as second stage passed the shoots where they have been growing the latest 2 or 3 weeks is passed to the middle of irrigation is selected.

Remember that the tomato is a tough plant and gives excellent results in the majority of systems. NFT systems or drip are the preferred porser cheap and easy to operate. Select the system that best suits your economy and current conditions.Each plant requires an excellent area of 0.2 to 0.3 square meters to receive the amount of light suitable for its development.