Desna Engine

For information: how to track fishing (aka Troll) is very effective due to the much greater coverage of surface area than fishing from the shore. The motor turns at a minimum gas, spinning with bait thrown into the water and pulled on the fishing spots. You can often hear is misleading: the fish simply will not reach the bait, if the engine capacity of 15-40 hp, saying: "Do not catch a dolphin!". This is complete nonsense. Caught on the track and on motors 50 hp not to mention the smaller engines, the minimum speed of such motors are not much more than small engines. Now a bit of personal experience. Catch on the track can only be in the pits, but I have not seen any yet reservoir with a continuous hole. Learn more at: Jorge Perez. There are eyebrows, but they are also not eternal.

Typically, the pit / brow in length is 300-500 meters, then you have to move to the next hole, which is not very close, from there to the next, etc. All day long cherished not will – you need to drive obbrosat snags, go to the beach snack, and access to the place of fishing boats discharge point is sometimes 5 to 10 km. So, as a rule, do the transitions between catching hold up to 30% of the time fishing. Naturally not difficult to assume that the time for such transitions fisherman, using low-power motor will spend 3-4 times more than someone who has a normal engine. Also, I think you'll agree that you are in a boat is seldom much more together, add to the whole wind gear and things, possible trips to the river with strong currents (eg, Desna), etc. As a result, a year after the purchase of motor power 2.5-5 forces, and awareness of above, a person does everything possible to sell it and buy (often already for two, a loan, b / y) a more powerful engine, another boat, etc.

The Academy Festival

Wedding you fell in love and decided to get married, never to part, together to overcome adversity, and rejoice in the successes of each other. Of course, this is the most solemn and happy day in your life should be bright, original and unique! 'Academy of Holidays' will be happy to turn your marriage into a great show with an unforgettable enchanting spectacular effects! Corporate Leisure is one of the parts to create a strong team. Combining his training and education c-direction can get a good result from the work of their employees. Team building, corporate parties, dedicated to the professional holiday, the anniversary of the company, the New Year, March 8, 23 February and sporting events. Where and how it would be: on the water or in the woods, in your office or in some extreme place, in a narrow range of staff or with noisy and cheerful guests – you decide! Engagement. Stag. Bachelorette party. Redemption.

Private parties. Special Offer: Winter – Santa Claus, Winter Open Air. It is very important to work on your holiday well-coordinated team, from the limo driver to lead the show to all aspects of your activities have been taken into account. To do this, we have everything you need: 1) video and photo 6) beauty treatments, and 2) ornament balls, 7) the services of confectionery, and 3) decoration with flowers, 8) service choreographer, and 4) rental of vehicles; 9) caricaturist for the holiday, and 5) rent the costumes, 10) holiday lights in the media. Technical support – light, sound, special effects, projection equipment, plasma display panels, generators, pyrotechnics and equipment for outdoor events. Artists, presenters, DJs, original genre, ballet, band, strip shows. (Organization of events, the toastmaster, corporate) you fell in love and decided to get married, to never give up, overcome adversity together and enjoy each other's successes. Of course, this is the most solemn and happy day in your life should be bright, original and unique!