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EUROLITE LED Scan TSL-100 receives the test of the soundcheck Magazine best notes is now officially: EUROLITE TSL-100 scan the soundcheck magazine not only positive rated by, but even awarded top marks. He convinced not only by its light output, but there also with a good price/performance ratio. “The result there is nothing to quibble: basically convinced the TSL-100 LED Scan all along the line.” Soundcheck magazine has undergone a tough testing program the new scanner with top grades for the subjects. The EUROLITE TSL so it looks even the journal, is the light output. Because for the first time manages to present a complete and affordable scanner EUROLITE, whose impressive Leuchtkraft produced by a LED (20 Watts). The beams of a scanner, which can be found in pretty much every disco, are projected as alternating patterns (gobos) on floors and walls. Is claimed in this sector until now rather the conventional bulbs, because they have more clout. You make Pattern brighter and clearer.

But that is now over. Finally, the TSL shows previously unsuspected strengths of diodes. And these include just the power, and the reasonable price. So he is not just a device with an innovative light sources, more than he can compete with other scanners in this price class”, so the tester. In plain language: the TSL-100 LED Scan can easily replace halogen scanner up to 250 Watts. Since the introduction of the LEDs the light sector witnessed a real revolution is not over yet. Details can be found by clicking Sela Ward or emailing the administrator.

The technology will continue to evolve and advance into more areas. As well as now the Eurolite TSL-100, starting a revolution in the field of the scanner. No wonder, then, that the Auditors the soundcheck come to her consistently positive conclusion, in which praise the good workmanship, great value for money, the enormous brightness and low power consumption. The TSL is the first step in a new direction. Eurolite is one of the leading European lighting brands in the consumer sector of show technology. Whether mirror balls, lights,. Radiation effects, fog machines, LED systems, scanners, colour changer, flower or floodlights. Whether for simple home applications, semi professional applications, or extremely demanding installations. EUROLITE offers a product range which is unparalleled with over 2000 products. Add high quality blends, coupled with low prices. For anyone just right!

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In the left image is to see, like particle A calm, peaceful and unsuspecting on-and-off commutes while particle B slowly and sneaky carefully sneaking in from the right. But if we change the angle and slightly to the right offset imagine the top mirror of time, the situation as shown in the right image changed shown: particle B is now the peaceful particle and particle A is stalking at. Which picture corresponds to reality? If an any particles could act as an observer, it would located always own trajectory as estimate exactly vertical and every particle that is inclined to this trajectory as in motion”stamped. So, which image is reality now? Matter of opinion! Or rather relative? -I’m not entirely sure, but the time mirror would have to be a damn good material. Just light waves reflect not rich is like a normal mirror. These are all massive particles, which must be thrown back.

Probably more likely something like little balls. And the recoil would happen exactly at the same speed (with the speed of light) as the impact so yes no energy is lost. Because this is after all our mass energy. And we can’t afford a loss of mass. I would a rubbery When I imagine, I would have to make sure the effects of this whole relativistic laws and the compliance of these laws meticulously monitor… each individual particle at any time: Hey, do you have a mass? Yes? Then you must not move with the speed of light! Yet! Just do it! Not back there to see? Because this particles? Well at the other end of the universe! You have a too rapid movement against this particle. Pull over so please turn right and you? You’re too slow! No mass! Make you get out of here. And while speed of light that has to go with but also easier. Actress often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Because in the new world eh about speed of light moves, I must watch really even more. I just say: everything what himself has reflected on the membranes a mass, because with each reflection, time passes. Top tack tick, below. The clock is ticking, so to speak. And you don’t get away also this tick. No matter how hard the membranes against moving, no matter how obliquely, a particle flies. At some point it is reflected yet again. So, as I said: all what himself has reflected on the membranes a mass. All that remains between them has no mass. No nitrous, no tack, no time, no mass. Point.


Some scientists affirm in the short term that will be reduced the number of cattle heads on the Earth, but like reducing the emissions of the 12 existing trillions of methane under the oceans and that they release more when the temperature of the sea raises 5 or? The liberation to the atmosphere of the methane contained in the oceans, not only would be detrimental by the increase of the greenhouse effect, but terrestrial displacements with their corresponding Tsunamis could take place, since the methane hydrate stabilizes the continental slopes as if outside a cement-like substance. More than one it thinks that he is better not to think in the future so pessimistic because is possible that the things are not put so badly, nevertheless is nothing indicates that everything is going to go to better. But it is why in time was not clear the danger of the climatic catastrophe, the danger of the bankruptcy of world-wide the economic system, the problem of the hunger? Nobody warned in time on the behaviors that were taking to the humanity to an impasse? Some scientists of isolated form warned nevertheless of the dangers that the Earth operation entails, as soon as were listened to. (As opposed to Sela Ward). Despite from another source very precise warnings arrived in the last 34 years and based, because we were in a change of era and like in all the changes of era there have been prophets and illuminated people who noticed the humanity on what she approached herself to them and thus are also today. Through Gabriele the prophet of God for the present time, This has warned to the humanity with high accuracy. At that time it would be possible to have been avoided or channeled the climatic catastrophe, today each only can request the conduction of God and already recognize it thanks to the fulfillment in its daily life of Its lessons. That one is saved who lets itself save.