True Success – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

True success will take place perpetually then when I meet myself and I me in the be self-knowledge am. In today’s society success zunehmend with the gain and increase in a kind of private power, is associated with an achieved domination, especially with the success of the financial and social validity in connection. Our general understanding of success with the personal influence of progressive and also constantly gedeihenden is colored by a performance-oriented thinking to equate. It has us particularly important, triumph, breakthrough, to have material success and to be attractive and victorious. This before all to deprive us of the reality of our own, oh-so-human vulnerability through the seemingly protective armor of power.

And also, on the other hand the all of us so coveted recognition, to bekommen love and affection. That this is an illusion in both cases and leads anderem to nothing except to have more so-called success need to maintain the illusion, is actually easy to see, if we are willing. “Finally we are witnessing this success-oriented common betting race, this non-stop in the infinity rush into having” sometimes for years. And neither the one nor the other goal adjusts itself Meanwhile, allowing even after consciousness ascend to the nonsensical the whole process us. So, we can guess that so-called success is none and we are despite an apparent increased life speed virtually on the spot.

And yet it is of course not easy, so a massive and reinforcing their own existing system, praktisch at full speed, to get out. But actually we do not have that, and it is anyway advisable that we slow down to reduce our speed and process entrust us with the slow and reasonable transformation. In front of allem by the fact that we remind us again what we alone and this means because success as such on a deeper psychological or even emotional level. Explore we even our needs, our true goals so in constant begegnung with us to find our own Urwahrheit of success and to experience this success. As I gradually could leave off goals by the external success, the realization has established itself at me, that success for me in relation to my continuing self importance is knowledge. That I then experience success, where I get me closer, I’m closer. That I got success, where I meet myself, where I realize my dreams, my needs, my inner wool. Success is so where is real contact with myself. Since I have this orientation, satisfaction is quite easy to meet with me in the smallest encounters and disappointments have, however, rarely in the outer race. Thus I experience every single day successfully, live practically speaking in the acute state of the Success.

Subjective Experience

What we see, what we feel, what we think to know everything can’t escape the character of the subjective.It’s hard in this subjective world of reality to face this parable is an example that we feel in our subjective perception often caught, suspended between two forces, or even paralyzed, or we see us at least for the time being so not free that we can move in one direction only apparently. But in reality, so objectively, we are actually free, unbound to develop us. And the way for us therefore are open in all directions. It is a very good example of this, so that between our subjective experience and the actual reality, or better formulated, often is a wide, almost insurmountable gap between our subjective perception and the potentiellen approach of an objectivity. We want to not the legitimacy of our subjective perception, so the permission of our individual being questioned here of course set, that would be too absurd, because yes a wesentlicher part of our human experience makes them. But we want to make the gap, the Ausdehnung of the gap between subjectivity and objectivity transparent, which clearly separates us from us, our environment, the real experience as such and the decision given us free choice. We want so a sense of the kind of subjectivity”get, which turns as an EinschranKung of our awareness of reality, and that we initially as an ambiguity, as a Verwirrtsein, as a dreamy, slow can call Entruk-ken from the reals, it then but increasingly as obviously destructive, as reality-alien, as definitely unreal, distorted can einordnen in their advanced stages as irrational as reality. This means that our subjective brand true, our individual experience in itself always tends to split us, requires us abzuTrennen held lies, and we us therefore continually befinden in a balancing act, in which we during our customization process state, the whole is continuous with the real us, need to reconnect the EinheitliChen.

Correct And Useful Dealing With Ghosts

What is mine? Story market published TimeLag short-docu about ghosts in the House and yard. The enlightenment brought a number of benefits to mankind, such as physics and chemistry in school, car and Atom in the environment. But there are drawbacks can be seen. Whose answering no ready troubles even simpler minds in the past, today often not even more questions. One of them gaining in importance. How does it actually with spirits in the House and yard? Now there now people, posed stiff and firmly convinced that there are no ghosts.

Extinct, what would be the gnadigere view, or the radical variant: there has never been. This is of course hanebuchener nonsense. Neil Cole has similar goals. In Europe, there are a myriad of ghosts. In earlier, from our point of view is rather boring times they contributed widely and effectively to, the daily and more to enrich even the nocturnal life. Often they made wealthy, or poor their roommate, or she drove her crazy. That hung essentially what they each were, and how they dealt with them from. So, the subject is more complex than it may first have appears just at the present time of the more or less ignorant co-existence between humans and spirit. What ghosts are there? How will you encounter you? What strengths and weaknesses do you have? Which are really nasty, which were like evil, and which ones are good? And under what conditions are they good? “Above all is the most sensitive issue for anyone with spirit: what’s mine for one?” “The documentation gives you an overview of the most popular spirits in house and yard, as well as their special characteristics: correct and useful dealing with ghosts”, which was recently prepared for the network and is available as a PDF in the story market for downloading. Download under, keyword TimeLag. Jurgen Bartsch

The Man

With her we have seen quite many great adventures and started some flights silach however we make us a little worried about it, because she wanted to come back with your family from vacation weeks ago rumors, she came from over the sea by the way we hope but easy times, that they all spin up quite soon, because she we lack in our Woods here in the very. We have planned after all Buufabu and the animals of the forest, to people put something good on the legs, what connects all silach with you and we wish you all is located now love humanitarians, which hopefully quite quickly we adopt one after another from our big family, because on the well-being of every human and animal and you all can show that easy, by you giving us a home. The big companies yes I’m sure especially to us, because bigger they are, the more opportunities they have silach to help, so that everyone is happy very quickly because with your help, we want to make our planet right here beautiful and all that are true allow what we earlier listed you silach start we will of course in the Eifel, because here we live Yes, and so far only a few birch forest map can be found here on our country, but our friend, the robber Hotzenkomplotz has declared themselves ready, his large hands may use and to plant many pips on the country, which all without pesticides to grow because the nature recovers Yes all alone when the man just let and but also helps with silach we want a hive with Marga BBs here family, where directly delicious honey we can be made to silach. Continue to learn more with: Tony Parker. Because we love the sweet taste, as well as Babu, the bear or his friend Mohamed: o). Soooooooooviel we have scheduled Jaaaaaaaaaaa, and even viiiiiiiiel meeeeeehr silach but for the early enough that for the first time and, you know what?…Sun, wind and water give away so much pure and clean energy you people should now really exploit silach know.We help you silach because only with the help of these natural forces that also exist on the planet with us, we ended up here on Earth stretching completely out to fly million kilometres we have love you anyway, looking forward to your family and more about us and our fun adventures tell you quite soon.: o)u0085. So, until then silach Steffi brand village.

Wieselburg Erlauf

A decree of the Governor of lower Austria from June 28th 1933, banning bakery workers Act 1919 override GARS, Haugsdorf, LAA an der Thaya, Mace and Poysdorf in the bakery of the communities on the occasion of the events taking place at the 2.Juli in 1933 there and the Sundays allowed in the period from 4: 00 to 9: 00. In a decree of the Governor of lower Austria by July 1933 6.Juli, prohibiting bakery workers Act 1919 override in the bakery of the municipalities of Litschau and Horn on the occasion of the events taking place at the 9.Juli in 1933 there and the Sundays allowed in the period from 4: 00 to 9: 00. In a decree of the Governor of lower Austria by the 13.Juli 1933 banning bakery workers Act was in 1919 in the bakery of the communities of Gross-Siegharts, Christofen, Eichgraben and Frankenfels on the occasion of the events taking place at the 16.Juli in 1933 there repealed and the Sundays allowed in the period from 5: 00 until 9: 00. In a decree of the Governor of lower Austria by the 20.Juli 1933, prohibiting bakery workers Act 1919 override in the bakery of the municipalities of Neustift-Innermanzing and Wolfpassing on the occasion of the events taking place at the 23.Juli in 1933 there and the Sundays allowed in the period from 5: 00 until 9: 00. A decree of the Governor of lower Austria from August 3 1933, banning bakery workers Act 1919 override in the bakery of the communities of Berndorf, Hollabrunn, Wetzelsdorf and Wollersdorf on the occasion of the events taking place there on August 6, 1933 and the Sundays allowed in the period from 5: 00 until 9: 00. In a decree of the Governor of lower Austria 10 1933 banning bakery workers Act was in 1919 in the bakery establishments of the municipalities of Annaberg, big Haselbach, Loosdorf in Melk and Wieselburg Erlauf who on the occasion on the 13. Anna Belknap may find this interesting as well.