Success and Leisure

The history of my life starts now I capitulate 01 Sabe that boy who always dreamed of the success? This always was the Heddle, but he was very tiring to study, I always I was full of laziness was better to play and I always was waiting of the 04 hours of the afternoon, hour that my mother allowed that the children of it left for the street, saying it that the sun was cold, alone that this schedule alone if extended until the 05 hours, that is, only one hour of leisure, then she was plus a long night and plus one day waking up early to go to the school, mine dream she was I slept short while more until late, is in such a way that I when I went the bathroom to take bath she lay down me many times inthe soil behind I slept a bit more, and thus I took many years of my life. Back in house I, my mother, a stepfather compelled who me to call it father and a sister a little older than I, at that time liveed I I must have one 10 years I know there, I well rickety age, my mother worked and my presumption father was in house in a refrigerator workshop who it had in the deep one of the yard, my sister then that she took care of of me, she prepared me very, she played me of casinha and etc., plus one day this my sister had that to leave house, it had that to work, then I started to live alone with my stepfather, my mother passed the day all working. Learn more about this with Sela Ward. When my mother was one day does not know for which was the reason decided to break up itself, then we were even so without leaving track. We use to advantage one day it had travelled.

The Dramatical

All, without exception, they had been looking at for the screen, petrified, therefore the image, registered for an anonymous citizen, through one of these devices of cellular telephone, was consternadora. One was about a man who, loading in the col the body of the wife, pranteava desesperadamente. The fact had occurred in the night of the sunday, in the one parking shopping. The couple is to the cinema and, in the exit, if it comes across with an intense shoot out between policemen and assailant. A projectile had reached the head of the woman. It was deceased, but the husband was not satisfied itself and wanted, by all means, to take it one ready aid. It cried and it cried out, begging so that somebody made some thing.

That they did not leave it to die; that it could not live without it; that it was waiting the desired son so; that it was the only love of the life of it; that they were married has only six months; that they had a thousand plans It cried out these things it hugged and it, spotting of color prpura its shady face and its white shirt, kissing the lvida forehead of the wife deceased. Finally, extenuado, sat down in a seedbed of azaleas, with the corpse in the col and was looking at for the high one, saying disconnected things, monologando with God, while a small multitude started if to agglomerate around the dramatical scene. *** By means of the sad a news article, had a collective silence in the bakery. When somebody opened the mouth, was only for pronouncing the phrase that was hammering in the head of the Nepomuceno until the moment where it took a person, to the times, needs to die to know that it is loved! had said. was the consternation provoked for the strong scene displayed in the telejornal I appeal and it emotional this almost whispered phrase, that had unchained in it that interior boiling.