The Entertainment STaff

Showing many young people today the Many rights they have together. And always in our belief that Estadoa “as a major protector of our lives “should give all these welfarism: no further. Nuestrasa primary needs, and especially the entertainment staff, we have to get them through our own efforts. The state can and should small award financial aid, but nothing more. (What I could do Estadoa “their politicians, concretamentea ” is very simple and basic: get off their salaries, which are extremely high, and, of course, try to be honest and honest to the people “we have cast our votes ” for good purpose.) Although we all know that a blame huerfanaa was born, no doubt, rulers, and in a way, are guilty of our delusions of grandeur.

We instilled in our minds the usual a I have derechoa or a we derechoa , since in their election campaigns are dedicated to provide a the gold and Moor to potential voters. We offer all sorts of perks and future financial contributions, which later become white lies dormant in oblivion or the dawn of time, and after voting. But the Spanish democratic system has sometimes fallado.Prueba of the above it was the Grupos_Antiterroristas_de_Liberacion (GAL), having participated in the decision a Diario 16? and a The Mundoo . Melchor Miralles and journalists were working Ricardo Arques researchers who discovered the dangerous professional act carried out by a Grupos Anti-Terrorist Liberation .