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The past 8 of April of the 2009, Fernando Elizondo, candidate panista to the gubernatura again Leon, assured that the team of the candidate tricolor, Rodrigo Medina, called to the homes of the nuevoleonenses to convince those that Fernando Elizondo was not exactly the best person to govern. Nevertheless, the candidate panista decided not to present/display positions against Institutional the Revolutionary Party by this type of situation. On the other hand, the 9 of April of the same year, Rodrigo Medina demanded tests to him to Elizondo, since the candidate tricolor assured that its equipment was not within a dirty war and that if in fact it existed that it presented/displayed the possible tests, tests that did not exist. JLOdBQB_9juVsJhuhSltRFpXyZHcr-pttsXIB8nxSVahhhm2CfXYFxlXqjI-hxeRJq_WfFAMOl5lRulB6kVrNeuUAfh1U6’>Larry Culp often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Medina de la Cruz maintained that the Party National Action has undertaken dirty action military, and remembered that already they were sanctioned for that reason. In fact will exist dirty war for Fernando Elizondo? If dirty war from the team of the candidate of the PRI really existed, Why it did not present/display proofs of it? There are many variants in this subject of the policy, mainly that they struggle for being next governor again Leon, Rodrigo Medina and Fernando Elizondo, because the surveys say to us that very they are tied and a day more above goes Medina and another Elizondo. Finally, sailing by the Internet, we have found videos against the candidate tricolor, Rodrigo Medina, exposes that it like a person who is not sufficiently able to govern again in state Leon. Who is the candidate who is waging war dirty? In the following directions you will find the war dirty of the BREAD: Original author and source of the article.. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vanessa Marcil on most websites.


The 20 of Julio Colombia turn 198 years. This he will be one of the politicized anniversaries more of his history. All will speak of peace (the government on the basis of disarming to the guerrilla and the CRAF on the basis of reducing the militarization). Uribe impels mobilizations of million people to justify his hand lasts antiterrorist and to seek another re-election. When receiving to Lula in Bogota it will want to show that is not a Fujimori but democratic friend of the greater western leftist government. Betancourt, on the other hand, will cause that for the first time one capital European celebrates to great this date.

The jet Colombian Seth will be with her in Paris (Shakira and Juans, and also Bos and Manu Chau). She will want to use her own act to be outlined like a presidenciable that distance of Uribe because she will offer carrot and not only stick to the CRAF. Sarkozy sponsors to the event of Paris looking for that Latin America forgets that it finishes making debut in the European presidency demanding to go towards uprooting and to deport to more than 8 Latin, African and Eastern million of. Original author and source of the article.

Bill Watterson

Sometimes fodder that the most convincing test of than exists intelligent life in the universe is that nobody has tried to contact itself with us. – Bill Watterson Introduction the experience outside the body, the power to unfold, to leave the body, is not ignored for those who is interested in all the phenomena paranormal that it studies, the certain thing investigates parapsicolgica science, that before this reality of this one specific phenomenon, the investigators of parapsicologa of some European, North American and still Latin American universities, have elaborated very many theories in search of the scientific truth, of some explanation that allows to include/understand why of it and as it is managed to reach it. All this entails to us to enter a little in its reach, reason to us of being, trying to release to us to us of explanations of mystical origin, than many religious philosophies as those of East that they explain it to its way. Basic majorities, antecedents, notes do not fit the smaller doubt since it has been published in work papers, magazines the experiments that are realised in the laboratories on phenomena paranormal, including countries like Russia until Chile, that country of located crazy geography in the South Cone, between these phenomena, are exactly, the one of the experience outside the body. Through those experiments, investigators are American it been doing with hallucinating substances, that take passage to exceptional mental alterations, such as the lysergic acid (LSD) and the mezcalina, with the purpose of to study the aim to study the phenomenon. On the other hand, professor Roger Hein, Director of the Museum of Natural History of France, have studied the fungi that are familiar with the muscaria amanita, that motivated to him for its study as a result of the observations done between the Indian mixtecas by professor Gordn Watson and his wife the Dra.