The Ambient Crisis

This study it was initiated from the following investigations: Which the origin of the ambient crisis? Which its consequences? which would be the possible solutions for this crisis? The first step for the accomplishment> of this study it was the choice of the subject, the delimitation of the same, and the problems related to the subject. After that the necessary material was provided, following of the reading and elaboration. For theoretical basement the following doutrinadores had been used: Councilmen Milar, Eugene Odum, Luis Pablo Sirvinskas, Pablo de Bessa Antunes, Marcelo Bee Rodrigues, Vladimir Steps of Freitas and Gilbert Steps of Freitas.A I will choose of the subject is justified in its repercussion in the current society, that to the few comes if acquiring knowledge of what really we are living an ambient crisis, that puts at risk the survival of that they inhabit the Terra.A Planet ORIGIN OF the AMBIENTALAtualmente CRISIS the societies come if coming across with innumerable factors related to the ambient problems. More information is housed here: Sally Rooney. Problematic the ambient one if becomes each more visible time our return, therefore it is enough to observe the medias that we will see so great repercussion in the television sets, radios, periodicals, Internet, magazines, amongst others. By means of these, one frequently sees the aggressions to the way compares the man with one parasite, saying that: Until the date, and in the generality, the man acted in its environment as a parasite, taking what of it desires with little attention for the health of its host, that is, of the system of sustentation of its life the ambient crisis appears between the Average and Modern Age, especially in the period of the Industrial Revolution, therefore … had started the aggressions the nature..