The Art

It enjoys than now it occurs, without neglecting your responsibilities, but without living constantly worried reason why still they lack hours (or days, or weeks) so that it happens and you must pay attention to him. It tell me, and now to what you want to play? 3) Curiosity The children explore the universe with enormous curiosity. If they see something that does not know, they approach with intention to touch it, to know it and if it is possible, to play in this way. Filed under: Sela Ward. If they see a park, they want to mount in each swing, attraction or stone of peculiar form that leaves its imagination flies. Each experience is a gift in the childhood, an opportunity to explore new sensations and to enjoy it. Lamentably, as we become majors we tend to ” olvidar” the important thing that they are the experiences, so we walked most of by the world insensible to events that surround to us. When you are going to work or you arrive behind schedule at a meeting, this phenomenon is accentuated.

Quick little attention to which it surrounds to you, it must really happen something surprising unforeseen circumstance or so that your attention is turned aside and appreciated what the experience offers you. It is still a peculiar phenomenon that we have to ours a so complex and detailed world around, with million alive beings coexisting in him, hundreds of technological experiences invading our lives, and we are so little given to appreciate that complexity. The children approach stones, to the leaves and branches that see in the ground. They touch them and they appreciate his texture, his scent. They shake the branches they turn and them into magical barytas or any other own object of some game that finish inventing. Curiosity and invention go of the hand, they create their world voluntarily, participate actively in him, they send themselves to prove and to discover new things. He would not be fantastic to be able to live a little to his way more? To go out and to contemplate during seconds all the activity that is developed.

To appreciate the gestualidad of driver of the bus, to consciously look for the smile of the kioskero, to enjoy the rich cotidianidad surrounds that us at every moment. He plays with the world, he experiments, he learns and he enjoys. They do to the children, looking for it constantly its own rejoicing in it, and we can also do it, although we constantly look for reasons to say to us same that it is not possible. Perhaps you will be happy when your pair includes/understands to you, or when the things are less estresantes in the work, or when you surpass any trauma of the past. While delays to that all that is aligned, million children in the world otean around to his in search of something to amuse themselves and to pass it well. In that sense, the children take much advantage to you in the art of the happiness. But that can change.