The Flight Of The Condor

It’s a compendium, where the author makes a low-flying Condor! Like when these huge and heavy birds visit the cool Pacific coast abandoning its rugged Cordillera de los Andes, … ox Foundation. Like when planning Cathartic gaily in the vastness of space … peering from the same throughout the Andes and coastal landscape, with the authority given their size, weight and long, broad and powerful wings, anti-carrion Ave, Ave powerful daytime view, it disappears and carrion injured animals dying pure, exposed in soil and in the valleys and that … clean the valleys!, Purify the Air! … nourishes life, health permitting … Being greedy is useful to life!. This author, flying over the Company, which Condor, situations and issues notes that “Animals” mortally wounded, themes, which “animals infected to die inevitably, this author notes Carrion views presented by media type and institutions.

The author notes an apology for rental the culture of death, in favor of Culture of the corpse. This author’s opinion on these various issues, which is displayed without shame in society, that is pure Carrion watered by the state or without the state do anything about it, pure Carrion pollutes the environment of society. The author faces no slips and no slip their views to avoid the truth devalues This author gives his views against those who feed the Culture of Death against those fat and promote Corpse Culture, analyzes, and gives his opinion openly without fear, without mincing words, without smudging … polemicist At times throughout the day, in other campuses attended and discussed with individuals and NGOs who always believed in a manner contrary to the authority having defended the Culture of Life from teenager, for he began to say publicly since the August 23, 1969 – at the age of 15 years in the school page “Aurora Student” of the GUE de Piura page, which was published weekly in Industry of that city many of these articles were published on the editorial page of the newspaper La Industria de Piura, Chiclayo and Trujillo, in some magazines and some are unpublished.