The Least

You'll earn at least $ 60,000 as long as stand on his feet and did not develop his musical career. For most people (especially those who are married / getting married, raising children, or has significant costs) of such a risk is extremely unpleasant to think. Reason number 3: As a rule, you can not take advantage of opportunities. Imagine this situation: To make an incredible effort by working nights and weekends, you and your team have recorded an excellent album, spent a lot of time to his promotion in hopes of getting a record deal and go on tour. By the same author: Brenda Barrett. So, you have the opportunity to tour duration of 10 weeks in another country. Most likely, you will not get much money for their first tour, but this tour is thus a breakthrough in your musical career, which you have been waiting for. What do you do in this situation? You refuse an excellent opportunity to promote their musical career to the next level? You will agree with a sharp decrease your profit, which will follow after your dismissal from work? I think that neither the first nor the second option you do not like.

Imagine how it would be good to go on tour and not think about how to feed themselves and their family while you are not home. Reason number 4: Lack of time and energy to do anything useful. This is a very important issue, although at first glance, such a problem can seem insignificant. If your most productive time of day do you spend the least useful of the case, then your goals will take much longer.